Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New York, New York

So I just got back from a post-April 15th/30th bday trip to NYC with four of my friends. It was fabulous. Here are my top ten things I loved about our trip -

10. Food Carts - We didn't stop to eat at one, but aren't food carts amazing? They are perfect - cheap, quick, and delicious. On every street corner you smell something yummy and delicious. And they are as representative of the diverity of the city as anything else. From roasted chestnuts (smell better than they look) to gyros to pretzels - how can you go wrong!

9. The Subway - I love taking the subway and not getting lost! It makes me feel like a real New Yorker. I love that you can reach so many parts of the city so efficiently too. I told the girls on our trip that the first time I went to NYC, I thought there would be a subway stop on every corner. That you could just blink or wiggle your nose and you'd be standing in front of an entrance to this crazy underground world that takes you whereever you need to go. Wouldn't that be nice!

8. The Diversity - I love feeling surrounded by people who are so unique and so different. I just feel like NYC is one of those places where you can feel like you have traveled the world in just a few short blocks. It's like being in Epcot! And it's nice to be reminded sometimes that "normal" isn't the only way to go through life. That you can have pink hair or some crazy tattoo or wear some ridiculous fashion trend and just be.

7. The Village - By far my favorite part of the city, I love walking through the Village. It has an energy that seems so authentic. Less touristy than Times Square and less conjested than Midtown, I always feel so peaceful there. I was a bit disappointed though that we didn't have any Sarah Jessica Parker sightings. A girl can dream, right?

6. Central Park - Although they wouldn't squeeze five of us onto a carriage, our stroll through the park was wonderful. It's so amazing that in the middle of all of the concrete and commotion is this beautiful place that you an go to escape. I'm sure it would be odd not to grow up without a traditional back yard, but can you imagine growing up with Central Park as your local playground?

5. The Waldorf - I always feel so special staying there. My friend Marie hooked us up with a great friends and family rate which made the whole thing possible. Luxury doesn't come cheap, let me tell you. It is such a glamourous place to be. And every time I get in the elevator, I think of the movie Serendity and how in NYC anything is possible.

4. The food - Like any good New Olreanian, I plan my trips around what else - the food. I couldn't possibly begin to describe my favorite food finds b/c they were all so different. The Croque Monsieur at Le Bateau Ivre, the lobster potsticker and short ribs at Asia de Cuba, the chocolate ganache and roasted pear tart and the mojitos on our food tour, the fois gras and carpaccio at Townhouse, and the duck confit ravioli in a balsamic brown butter at Cesca. Mmmmm... And how can I forget our bday cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.

3. The show - Wicked!!!!!!! It was super with a capital S. The staging was incredible and the actors were perfect. More than anything I loved the story. Although it might have a little scary for small kids, I thought the lesson is one they should all learn. It's easier to just believe what you have heard about someone than it is to learn about who they really are. But if you take the time to walk in their shoes for a minute, you just might learn that they aren't really wicked at all.

2. The SHOPPING! - I didn't make any huge purchases on this trip, although there is this turquoise Gucci bag named "Lucy" that I have not stopped thinking about. It has a cute little tassle that I just L-O-V-E! I love walking in the shops and seeing all of these beautiful things in person and not just on the pages of a magazine. It's like they come alive! I'm sure this sounds incredible superficial, and I guess it is, but I can't help it. Retail makes me melt!

1. The friends! - Some of my favorite college buddies and my sisters in law live in NYC and I just love visiting them. No matter how long it has been since the last time we've been together, it seems like we just pick up right where we leave off. And to have them meet my Beaufort friends was such a treat! Ahhh - my Beaufort friends. The whole reason for our NYC celebration. When I finished college, I never thought I'd make friends like the ones I had discovered at Loyola. And then I moved to Beaufort. I met these amazing women who welcomed Mark and me into their lives without question. You don't have to spend a weekend in NYC with them to see that their is a special kind of friendship that is shared. It's the kind of friendship where you realize that these girls have gone from being your friends to being your family. They are the kind of friends you travel to new places with , that you bunk five in one room with , and that you celebrate life milestones with. They are the kind of friends you never thought you'd have again, and who make every day in Beaufort worth it.

Happy birthday Christie, Meg and Margaret! You're worth celebrating all year!!!!!!


  1. Aww, such a sweet post! We are so glad that you have moved to Beaufort and become part of our lives!!! And, have I mentioned I've never been to New Orleans? That will be the next trip we'll have to plan!

  2. you are gonna make me cry...and i'm not supposed to cry at work!!! too sweet....
    i am positively thrilled you and mark were brought here to be with us:)!!!

  3. I'm going to cry too...and I wasn't even there!



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