Thursday, August 30, 2012

Post-Isaac Homecoming

Well, hello!  I am happy to report that we indeed weathered the storm.  My sister and I had to return to work this afternoon, so we packed up the car and headed back into New Orleans.  It was kind of an eerie feeling driving along the interstate with first responders and energy trucks.  I wanted to honk and hi five them as we travelled along.  I am always so amazed by people whose work requires them to enter a disaster area as others are told to stay away.  They are my heroes!

We saw a significant amount of downed trees and downed power lines.  We also drove by parts of Slidell that were severly flooded.  It broke my heart.  Seven years ago yesterday, we learned that our home was submerged in Katrina's waters.  There is nothing as devastating as not being able to return home. 

As we pulled into city limits, I have never been so grateful in my life.  Even without power, it is a beautiful sight to see.  Our city welcoming us home. 

Because we have no power, Jane has stayed with my parents about an hour away from the city.  She will reunite with her Daddy tomorrow morning.  I know she will be so excited to see him.  It was a long four nights without his funny stories and assuring hugs.

Thank you all so very much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  We cannot thank you enough.  Please continue to pray for all of those in need.  Isaac may have moved on, but his distruction seemed to continue. 

For the first time in seven years, I did not have an opportunity to post about Katrina's anniversary.  Maybe it is a sign that we have moved on and in the right direction.  Seven years after we thought it would be the thing to destroy New Orleans, it seems to be the thing that fueled its renewal and its rebirth.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dear Baby Jane: The Un-Calm Before Storm Isaac

Dear Baby Jane,

Today, when Mommy and Daddy woke up, we learned that Tropical Storm Isaac is on a path that could send it toward us.  Almost one year ago, Mommy wrote you this post to tell you our Hurricane Katrina story.  Isaac makes mommy scared for so many reasons, but mostly because it brings back all of the terrible memories that Hurricane Katrina left me with.

Today, each time I told someone goodbye, I wondered when and if I would see them again.  As I passed someone waiting for the bus, my heart raced wondering how he or she would get out and where they would go and whether or not they too were scared.

As I considered what to pack, I felt tears well in my eyes because exactly seven years ago, the only thing I left with were my purses and my wedding albums.  We came home to nothing.  We lost everything.

So when I opened your closet and went to select the few things you would actually need for a couple of days away from home, I found myself folding everything you ever wore.  It all seems so important.  There was the outfit you came home in.  The pink and white striped gown that Daddy bought you the day you were born so that he could gift you your very first pink outfit.  Your first Christmas dress that you wore to your First Christmas mass at Holy Name.  Your first Mardi Gras costume.  Your first bathing suit.  The list goes on and on and on.

Jane's Most Important Things
I know from our Katrina experience that the things we own do not define our memories, but sweet Baby Jane, I am not ready to let go of your things just yet.  I love how they feel in my hands and how they smell of you.

I wish that I could describe that our life over the next few days will be calm.  But, tomorrow, your Daddy will likely get activated to serve our State and keep the people who have to stay behind safe and well.  You, Beignet, and I will go on to evacuate without him.  I know I will be ok because I have to for you.  But, Baby Jane, your Daddy is my rock.  He keeps me calm and helps me to see the light even in the darkest of days.

What I know without a doubt is that seven years ago, I didn't have you.  And, Jane, you are my light.

Together we will weather this storm.

With Love and Faith,


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anybody Else?

Wish this was in their kitchen at the end of the day?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake (And One Last Day for a Giveaway)

My sister is getting married in less than three months!!  I've been madly pinning wedding and shower related things for months now.  Yesterday, I was going back through a few of my boards, and I couldn't help but be delighted by some of the beautiful cake images I had collected over the past year.  

It's a terribly rainy day here, so I thought I'd share them with you and have something pretty to look at  (as opposed to the very gray skies staring at me through our family room windows).


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: Peanut Butter Cup S'mores Bars

Photo and Recipe Courtesy of The Sweet Life

 I saw this recipe on pinterest and immediately posted it to my "Not on Weight Watchers" board.  There is nothing I like more than the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.  Can you imagine adding marshmallow fluff to that?!?!  Wowsers!

I find that there is no time when I am more inspired to bake than when I am on a diet and can't eat anything yummy.  So, I save all of my baking for office events.  One of my co-workers received a great award this weekend, so I'll be baking this recipe tomorrow night and bringing it to work on Thursday to celebrate.  That way, I can bake it, but I can avoid eating the entire tray of this ooey gooey treat!

Are you a PB and chocolate lover?  If so, what your favorite way to enjoy it?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm "Bananas" Over Rachel Zoe's Fall Collection

I have long been an admirer of Rachel Zoe's style.  She seems to be able to find just the right balance between modern and classic.  I absolutely "die" over her wide leg trousers and her slimming jackets, her feminine tops and fearless outerwear.  Here's a few of the looks I love.

I love the color of this suit!  It adds something really fabulous to what would ordinarily be just another pants suit.

This style of blazer works well for me because it narrows my broad shoulders.  I absolutely cannot wear anything double breasted!!  This one would be perfect paired with work pants or dressy jeans.

I feel like Audrey Hepburn would wear this look is she was still with us.  Its such a sophisticated but simple look.

I cannot have enough capes.  The high collar is so chic!

What do you think?  Are a Rachel Zoe fan?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet Me over at New Orleans Moms Blog & GIVEAWAY details!

GOOD MORNING!!!  I was so excited for the clock to strike 7:00 am because my intro post for the New Orleans Moms Blog went live this morning!!  Stop over and check it out here!!!

Every night when Jane and I say our prayers, I pray that God helps Mark and me shape Jane into a good and compassionate person.  I pray that she doesn't always try to be the best but that she does always try her best.  That's the philosophy I have tried to take as a mother - do my best, don't try to be the best.  I hope that this knew adventure will allow all of us moms to have a place to share how we're striving toward that goal and what obstacles we meet along the way.  I hope you'll join me!

To celebrate the launch of the blog, I'm giving away a Junior League of New Orleans Cookbook!!  The Crescent City Collection is a gorgeous book filled with recipes and beautiful images of New Orleans' historic homes.

To enter:

1. Like New Orleans Moms Blog on Facebook HERE

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5 1/2. and what you're most excited about regarding the NOLA moms blog (two entries!!)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Junior League New Orleans Cookbook Giveaway!

In order to celebrate the launch of the New Orleans Moms blog launch, I will be giving away a copy of the Junior League New Orleans cookbook: Crescent City Collection.   This cookbook truly is a taste of New Orleans.  The recipes are amazing, but I think you'll also enjoy the beautiful photographs of some of New Orleans' most historic homes.  

To enter:

1. Like New Orleans Moms Blog on Facebook HERE

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5 1/2. and what you're most excited about regarding the NOLA moms blog (two entries!!)

I'll "see" you tomorrow in my introductory post!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let The Games Begin!

Jane is taking this Saints season seriously.  She's decided that if eating grass is a pre-game ritual that's good enough for LSU's Les Miles, then it's good enough for her.


PS - No grass was harmed in the making of this post...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Celeb Hair Style Inspirations

So, I had to cancel my last hair appointment because of a client meeting.  As a result, I am trying desparately to embrace "hombre" colored hair.  I just can't pull it off.  I am so ready to have this mess on my head glammed up.  

When straightened, my hair is just at my shoulders.  Here are a few of the styles I'm considering...

Hers is longer, but I love the angled "lob" (long bob).  And her color makes hombre look more desirable.

I love the soft pieces that frame her face and while the color is too blonde for me, I like where her stylist went with it.

I don't think I'm up for managing layers like Reese's, but I might think about a bang.

What do you think of these do's?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lovely Message

I saw this today, and it made me so aware of just how quickly time has gone by since Jane arrived.  Each and every day, I feel like she grows taller and stronger and smarter and more clever.  And I admit that I am sometimes too wrapped up in the millions of "to do" items I have to complete to see her for who she is at that very moment in time.

So tonight, rather than rocking Jane until she was settled and letting her fall asleep on her own, I held her in my arms and sang to her until her eyes closed peacefully.  Then, I held her more.  I touched her hands and kissed her chubby cheeks and took in every last bit of this amazingly sweet child.  

Thanks Ms. Hamilton.  Fifty four years later and your words continue to bring wisdom to mothers.


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