Monday, December 3, 2012

Five Fabulous Hostess Gifts

Is your calendar packed with festive holiday fetes?  If you're like me, you barely have time to catch your breath between office gatherings, birthdays parties, cocktail soirees.  I always feel like I'm running out the door without a gift fit for the hostess of the parties we're attending.

Here's a few fun ideas that you can put together pretty quickly that are sure to make your host or hostess merry!

Thanks a Latte!  
Bring along a little pick me up.  Down here in New Orleans, we are partial to our local purveyors such as CC's.  I love this holiday duo of CC's ground bread pudding and ground holiday jazz.  

Something Sweet!
Fresh's Sugar lip balm is the perfect cure for lips chapped by the winter weather.  I could keep one in every nook and cranny.  

Light the Way!
You can never be certain that the same fragrance you spend hours enjoying at home will be appreciated by your hostess.  But, who wouldn't love these beautiful Florentine Deer Pillar Candles by Pottery Barn.

Seeing Stars
I have been in love with these coasters for years.  If you haven't seen them in person, you should run to your nearest Anthropologie to check out the Celestial Coaster Set.  When you know people will be putting their glasses down throughout the evening, these would be perfect and pretty!

That's a Wrap
Check out Loomed Nola's Fractal Peskirs.  These amazing Turkish linens are absolutely gorgeous.  I've had to stop myself at four of these guys that we rotate through our kitchen.  The color choices are to die for too.  My favorite way to gift them is to wrap them around a bottle of your favorite olive oil or bottle of wine.  It's two gifts in one!

I hope this provides you a new idea and sets your holiday social season off on the right foot!

What about you?  What's your go to hostess gift?


  1. feel free to come to my house and bring any one of those! I'll cook ya some dinner! :)

    seriously, though, great list!

  2. Great ideas! I looove the candles! I might be a bit of a bore, but I always bring a sweet Muscat-grape dessert wine. Preferably from Italy (it's sweeter!) :) May your Holidays be sweet as well!! Xx

  3. Great selection! I usually go for a nice bottle of wine or flowers. I know not very original. When Lisa came to visit me she gave me a really cute apron which I thin is another great hostess gift.



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