Monday, April 29, 2013

Jane Goes to Jazz Fest

What an amazing first Jazz Fest weekend!  While the weather was a bit uncooperative yesterday, Friday and Saturday could not have been more perfect.
Mark, Jane, and I headed to the fest Friday around noon.  We arrived at the Acura Stage and parked ourselves by our group of friends.  We were along the track between entrances five and six.  I highly recommend this location.  We were able to see the stage clearly, but we were not so close to a speaker as to give Jane permanent hearing loss.  It was also nice because there were exit bridges to the left and right of us both of which gave you access to the beer tent and the bathrooms. 
As I settled in with Jane, Mark went off to get us lunch.  He came back with a paneed chicken po-boy, cracklins, and boudin balls.  Yum!  You MUST try the boudin balls.  They were amazing!  After eating some yogurt and goldfish, we quickly realized Jane was sleepy.  She took a nice two hour nap in her stroller and woke up just in time to see Dr. John.  He put on a great show with his new band.  I loved that his trombonist and band leader was a woman.  I pointed her out to Jane several times so she could see that all you need is talent to succeed!
Her favorite show of the day was John Mayer.  Ok, so I will admit that I underestimated his talent simply because I think he's kind of a d-bag in his personal life.  If you can get past his trysts with Hollywood starlets long enough to listen to him play, you too will be impressed.  Judging by the intensity of Jane's tambourining during his set, I'd say Jane was able to look past it.
Here's some family photos of our day out at the fest...


  1. What a fun weekend! Your lunch sounds divine.
    I love a girl with a tambourine!!

  2. Looks like the whole family had a great time!! I love that y'all take Jane to Jazz Fest! I would love to bring Addison one year. And you can never go wrong with boudin balls, right? :)

  3. It looks like a wonderful weekend.



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