Monday, June 15, 2009

What a weekend!

Well, we had a fantastic time in New Orleans this weekend! Here's a breakdown by day...

Thursday evening - left work early only to find flight out of Savannah delayed by two hours. Had a good cry at the Samuel Adams pub in the airport about how much I miss home and how flight delays make me miss home more (a bit dramatic, I will admit). Landed and got a ride to the Loews Hotel by my lovely parents. Felt like a tourist in my own city staying on the 17th floor of this beautiful hotel with a view of the river and downtown. Had jazz music playing on the CD player in our room. Awesome. We met Mark's fellow Ochsner OB/GYN grads at the Bourbon House for dinner. It was good, but not as good as it had been in the past. But the andouille steak sauce was amazing!

Friday day- had a yummy egg white omelet with my mom at Navarre Cafe, met with the partners from the CPA firm I was with in NOLA to touch base about our return home (went well ;)), Mom, sissie, and I had lunch at Cafe Degas. It was delish - arugula with crabmeat, crispy shallots, grapefruit, and a yummy herb vinaigrette. Spent some down time with all the girls and dad. Went to BCBG (got two pairs of pants and a jacket for less than the full pice of the jacket), checked out WINO (the coolest place ever), and had a mojito with the gang at the Swizzlestick Bar.

Friday night - Mark and I went to the Weed Conference (the OB conference we were in town for) reception at the Plimsoll Club. It was wonderful. The fourth year residents gave very sweet speeches and a few thanked Mark for all they had learned from him. We had fancy drinks at the W. I had a grapefruit basil martini, actually make that three of them! Then we went to the Red Eye. We danced here until the wee hours of the morning. But the best part - Mark got to get a picture with Jeremy Shockey! It was awesome! Mark was wearing his Navy whites and Shockey loved it! Got me ready for Saints season!!!

Saturday - We went down to the Quarter for the Seafood/Zydeco/Creole Tomato Fest. I took a picture with a girl dressed as a tomato for my farmer friend Christie! We watched the executive and sous chefs from my sister's restaurant do a demonstration of a BBQ Shrimp Salad with Creole Tomatoes - smelled amazing. We met up with my friends, Charli and Doug, and Lucy and Ricky at Charli's house for a pool party. It was so wonderful to catch up. We got to see their new house and to spend some time with their kids (Mark delivered their youngest girl and she's now three!)

Saturday night - we spent some time with our good friends Sarah and Stephen. We saw there house for the first time. It's adorable. We had dinner at this French bistro on Metairie Rd. Very authentic vibe! Then we met my sister and a few of her friends in the Marigny at DBA. Such a cool bar! We had the new Abita Satsuma. Tasty, but I still love the strawberry version more. We heard this great band called the Zydepunks. It was a Yiddish zydeco band. Sounds like a crazy combo, but they were fantastic!!

Sunday - took a short walk around Lake Vista with my dad. It's amazing how far the neighborhood has come! Fewer and fewer lots and more and more houses. Yay! Then the whole fam had brunch at Mr. B's. It was delish and very festive. My very favorite banjo player was there. He's this lovely older gentleman with the biggest smile I've ever seen. And if you close your eyes, you'd swear Louis Armstrong was singing for you. Away we went to the airport. Flights on time and everything!

I can't believe we won't be back until September. It feels like an eternity already. But when we return, Saints season will officially be under way! How exciting. Life will begin again!

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  1. Can't wait to see your picture with the tomato girl...funny!



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