Monday, October 4, 2010

Catching Up

Hi everyone!

It is downright chilly here in New Orleans right now.  I mean sweater wearing chilly!  And I love it.  These last few days have been relaxing and busy at the same time if that is possible.  We tried to squeeze as many fun things into the last few days of our staycation.  Here's a few highlights...

My sister and her bf joined us for lunch at SJCC.  I felt like we were in Paris!  We shared a variety of meats and delicious cheeses, including my very favorite from our trip to Paris Saint Felicien, and a lovely bottle of wine.  If you are looking for a great New Orleans lunch, you must add this shop on a bustling area of Prytania Street to your list!

Daiquiris at the Fly
After this relaxing lunch, the four of us decided to get daiquiris and watch the boats and barges float down the mighty Mississippi at "The Fly."  The fly is the grassy section of heaven that follows along a section of the river where people of all ages come to relax, play soccer and kickball, or, as in our case, to drink daiquiris!

Harvest the Music Fest - Featuring the Rebirth Brass Band
Every Wednesday from September 15th until November 1st, Second Harvest Food Bank is sponsoring a huge concert in Lafayette Square in downtown New Orleans.  All of the proceeds from food and beverage sales goes to benefit the fight against hunger in the Louisiana area.  

We were lucky enough to be able to catch Rebirth Brass Band performing at last week's event!  Their music has become synonymous with New Orleans, and from the second we heard the familiar sound of their horns, we felt right at home.

Biloxi Beach
Knowing that real life was quickly approaching, Mark and I scheduled an impromptu getaway to Biloxi.  We stayed at The Grand Hotel and Casino.  While Mark was having some success at the blackjack tables, I was enjoying an amazing message at the Bellissimo Spa.  It was just what the doctor ordered!  I highly recommend Mary Grace if you are ever in the area and looking for a wonderful and sweet masseuse. 

For dinner, we went to the BR Prime at the Beau Rivage.  I cannot begin to explain just how delicious this meal was!  I had the lobster bisque to start and it was rich and warm and wonderful.  For dinner, I had a petite filet, and Mark and I shared the duck fat fried potatoes and chipotle creamed corn.  We split the smores with passion fruit marshmallow cream for dessert.  It was a perfectly sweet way to end our meal.

 Girl Time
Saturday, my friend and college roomie, Sarah, and I went shopping for her 30th birthday dress.  After much browsing, I think we found just the thing!!  It screams flirty and thirty!  It really is the most amazing party dress and I can't wait to celebrate with her in a few short weeks!!!

Saints Win Another Ugly Game
I cannot possible be the only member of Who Dat Nation who is ready to see a good ole fashioned whoopin!  I figured our offense would certainly come alive against Carolina, but once again it didn't.  Huge props to the defense who held their ground on Carolina's final drive.  They saved the day!!!

First Day of Work
Today was my first day of work with the firm I left when we moved to Beaufort four years ago.  During the orientation process, the firm's values and culture were explained to us, and I was reminded why I wanted to re-join this wonderful organization.  I am looking froward to a very long career there!

I promise to get back into my regular blogging routine within the next week.  We are still settling in here, and I am trying to find the balance between work and family and life and blogging.  I know it will come in time, and I hope you can be patient with me as we continue to adjust to our new routines!

I'll be by to check out what's been going on in your world's very soon!!!


  1. It all sounds wonderful! Cheese and wine, cocktails, music, shopping AND a massage!! woww!

  2. So glad to hear all is going well!! That's awesome!

    I actually had planned on driving over today JUST TO GO TO WHOLE FOODS and eat at Equator:) I just can't seem to get in gear so I'm putting it off a few days.

    I'll let you know though when I am!!

    Good Luck with everything, sounds like it's going to be awesome!!!

  3. LOVE St. James Cheese Co! In fact, I saw your mom there a couple weeks ago. Hope to see you around the city!

  4. I have been thinking of you & M and hoping that you are getting settled in. Yea for cooler fall temps! Fall is here, too, and it is so gorgeous outside.

    The Saints nearly gave me a heart attack this week. I had picked them this week for my 'pick a team a week' pool thing at work. Phew. So relieved they won!

  5. So happy that you are all settled in :) Hugs to ya'll and miss ya!

  6. I love St.James Cheese Co!! When I'm back for a visit this month this is one of the first places I'm hitting up! Also, look up Il Posto if you want cozy, cafe, comfort food! It's one of my favorite places.

  7. It all sounds so wonderful! I hope that the new job and everything else falls into place just as beautifully!

  8. Wow! It sounds like you've been a busy girl! That's great that you're so happy and comfortable at work! Hope the first day was great!

  9. I am getting SOOOOO excited! Soon I'll be invading your territory for the Steelers/Saints game :) I will continue to visit your blog until we leave so I can keep my friends updated on all the "cool" things to do. Ha! We're only going to be in the city for 2 full days. We fly in late Friday and leave early Monday---but I plan on NO SLEEP and ENDLESS EXCITEMENT :)
    p.s. Your boys are my "defense" for our fantasy football league! :) I'm just as excited to see The Saints as I am to see MY black and gold team on the 31st :)

  10. Love that place! Love it and now missing it after this post! Going to be in N.O. next month- i'll email you when we are- maybe we can meet up? Have a great day! XOXO Jessica

  11. You had me at "we felt like we were in Paris". Then came drinks watching the boats go by and massages... le sigh. Sounds like you are having an amazing time, lady! Best of luck on your first day! XO

  12. Welcome home! I live in the NOLA area and have been reading your blog for a while. I, also, moved away for some time so I know what it means to miss New Orleans.

  13. Sounds like you had a great time. I'll have to check out the Fly next time we're there. Sounds very relaxing....especially with a daiquiri! :)

  14. Wow - sounds like a fun time! The cheese co. sounds like heaven on earth to me. I really believe I could live off it.

    And I can't believe it's so chilly in some parts of the country and warm here - where it should be cold!!

  15. So glad you're doing great!!! Have a wonderful new week!! xx Kristin



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