Friday, November 19, 2010

Furniture Selection Update!!

For weeks, Mark and I (admittedly mostly me) have been trying to decide how to best decorate our new home.  Before ordering anything, I wanted to settle in so that we didn't rush into our purchase.  Last weekend, we took our time and measured out our space and came to a few conclusions.  The pieces are arriving in, well, pieces!  So far, we have received our bar stools, the West Elm circle rug, and our coffee and side tables.  Our sofa and chair will be arriving anywhere from November 22nd to December 4th, and the Kite rug and console table won't be here until January.  I thought all of this waiting would drive me crazy, but I have to say, it's kind of fun to come home to new and exciting deliveries!

West Elm Scoop Back Bar Stool
I loved the simplicity of these stools!  The curved back works well with the rounded edges of our entertainment center...
West Elm Kite Kilim Rug
Our sofa is cream and the walls in our den are light khaki, so the sofa kind of gets lost in the space.  We thought that this rug had a great pattern and would work to break up the space a bit better.

Room and Board Andre Sofa
I LOVE this sofa.  The color is rich and the shape is wonderful.  
Room and Board Norton Chair
Mark really wanted a chair he could be comfortable in, and I love how the chocolate brown leather plays against the brown tweed of the couch.

West Elm Circles Rug
I have admired this rug for a long time!  I think the circles add a fun and whimsical sense to the space.
West Elm Cross Frame Coffee and Side Table
I loved how the cross frame of these tables mimicked legs of the sofa.  
West Elm Chunky Console Table
But I also loved how the chunkiness of this table would be different from the coffee and side tables.  I think it'll add a little interest to the room!

Well, that's all for now!!!  I hope you had a good week.   We have continued having internet problems,  but it seems to be working now.  So, I'm looking forward to popping by my favorite stops to see what everyone's been up to!


  1. Furniture shopping is so much fun...all the possibilities and just the right pieces to make your house into your home! Can't wait to see it all put together - you'll have to give a sneak peek inside tour on day.

    A thought about your problem with your internet - in our last house, we didn't have the option of having cable internet and had to go with DSL. We had a bunch of problems with constantly losing our internet. After multiple calls to tech support and a few service calls at the house, turned out the box that ran from the outside line on the telephone pole to the house was corroded and any weather (rain or wind) would messed up the line and cause our cable modem to lose connection.

    Maybe someone needs to come out and check all the lines in/outside your house. I hope you get it's so frustrating to lose your connection.

    Happy BIrthday & Welcome Back Home (again).

  2. I love your furniture selections. I have the exact same Andre couch in the pewter fabric. Love it!

    Your home will be so beautiful.

    Have a great day!



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