Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras

We started our day off very early.  I didn't have any creative energy to put together an actual costume, so I threw on Roxy added some gold glitter for eye shadow and green glitter lips.  The little girl who lives next door said I made a great Mardi Gras Maniac.  Tis the season!

My sister, Mark and I went down to the Quarter to look at all of the fabulous costumes.  I would say that the most popular choice this year was the black swan.  There were some really great versions on Bourbon and Royal today.  We met up with some friends and watched as the Krewe of St. Ann made its way down Royal.  What an eclectic group of revelers.  It's so fun to see all of the varied ways people celebrate Fat Tuesday.

As Carnival 2011 comes to an end, I have to say it has been the best one in years.  And while I am sad to see night fall on St. Charles Ave., I am ready to pack away the glitter and the beads and the fake eyelashes and, yes, even Roxy.  Tomorrow we will begin the season of Lent.  We will get our ashes and give up our favorite things and begin a season of sacrifice.

For now, there are still a few hours left.  I will spend them watching Carnival documentaries and the Rex ball on WYES.  

Happy Mardi Gras, yall!


  1. You look fab in that wig! Happy Mardi Gras!

  2. Happy Mardi Gras! Love Roxy! Tonight I made bananas foster in honor of Fat Tuesday and NOLA.

  3. Super cute! I can only imagine the amazing time you are all having in NO!!

  4. You look adorable!! That bob totally suits you!

  5. You look so great! I bet you loved being home for all of the festivities!!!

  6. wasn't it fun??!!! i spent the day on a balcony over looking Bourbon Street dressed like a Hershey's Kiss. :D

    Love Love Love the wig!!

  7. You looked great and so fun! Didnt get to make it but friends had a blast!

  8. The wig looks great with the green lipstick.



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