Thursday, March 3, 2011

Krewe of Muses 2011 Theme Revealed


Parade day is finally here!  As you read this, I am putting on my purple wig named Foxy, fabulously long and glittery fake eyelashes, goddess costume, and readying myself for our party bus that will take us to our luncheon at Galatoire's that leads us into our pre-party where we will load our floats that will parade down St. Charled Ave. and drop us off at the CAC for the afterparty featuring Trombone Shorty and the Orleans Avenue.  Whew!  Catch all that?  It's going to be a LONG day, but it will certainly be a fun one.

As you know, Muses theme changes annually and remains a secret until the day of the parade.  Ready?!?!

Krewe of Muses 2011 - Dancing With the Muses

Each of our floats has a title that corresponds with a socially and politically satirical version of your favorite dances.  

This is the drawing of my float...  Cokey Pokey.  We are representing Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Amy Winehouse and their dirty little secrets.
In no particular order here are the others...


  1. What a great theme (and I LOVE your float!)
    Hope you have an absolute blast!

  2. Happy Muses, Jen! Looking forward to seeing you tonight

  3. Looks great!! You are going to have an awesome day and I can't wait to see the parade.

  4. Wow! that's awesome! Super creative

  5. Such fun - have an absolute blast! And you look adorable in your purple wig, pretty lady!

  6. Yay! Not sure if you saw me last night or not but I am in LOVE with my shoe!! I had everyone around me screaming Jen!!! It was my first shoe ever and it is beautiful! Thank you SO much!! I feel honored :)Muses was by far the most fun parade so far I LOVED it!! XOXO!!

  7. You were AMAZING last night! We had an absolute blast! Off to play at Commander's now, woo hoo! Love ya girl, Happy Mardi Gras!! xoxo



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