Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bunny and Jane are headed to St. Louis!

Before we moved to Beaufort for Mark's US Navy commitment, I had never lived outside of New Orleans and without my family for more than three weeks.  The thought of leaving behind the city and the people I loved so much crushed me.

Thankfully, what we found in Beaufort was a home away from home and friends who became our family.  One of the very first couples to welcome us into their family were the B's.  We became fast friends and shared many evenings in their living room eating delicious meals and playing board games and reading Pajama Time.  When they moved back home to their beloved St. Louis, a little part of us left too.

Today, we are headed there to see them and to introduce Jane to their children.  Bunny is coming along too!  Their daughter E received a Bunny when she was a little baby, and she mailed one just like hers to Jane when she was born.  I cannot wait for both bunnies and both girls to get together!  I also cannot wait to see their little guy, T.  He is the only Saints fan in St. Louis and I love him for that!!!

And of course, I cannot wait to see Dr. and Mrs. B!  Knowing them made moving to Beaufort complete.  From them, we learned how to be the kind of parents we wanted to be.  They are amazing, and I cannot wait to see what this weekend has in store!!

Hope you enjoy yours!  


  1. This is by far your best post yet. ;) Loved every bit of it and am thrilled to have you guys here! Welcome to the Lou!

  2. PS-Do you think E will be up for posing like this in a pic? ;)



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