Monday, October 8, 2012

I Spy a Bachelorette Party

Well, the last of the pre-wedding festivities have taken place. 

The sleepover on Friday didn't exactly go as planned.  It was a lovely time for all until Jane decided that, while she was more tired than she has ever been, she didn't want to be the first girl asleep.  I think she was afraid she'd get her diapers put in the freezer =)!  Mark had to come and get her, and I had to make a quick exit around midnight when one of his patients was ready to deliver.  

Saturday, the tea shower was lovely, and it was so m=nice to shower my sis with lots of love and well wishes.

By the time the bachelorette festivities rolled around, we were all ready to have a big night out in the Quarter.  Stephanie had decided that she didn't want the traditional bachelorette garb.  So, her best friend devised an adorable plan to send her on magical mystery tour of her favorite French Quarter bar.  She had a bejeweled detective kit including a hat, pipe, and magnifying glass.

The clues led us to Pat O's to start.  Here's one of the bride and me.

Here's one of her team of detectives!  Our clues led us from Pat O's to Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, Cat's Meow, and the Gold Mine.  It was such a fantastic night.  While my dancing shoes were killing my by 3:00 am, I have to brag and say that this momma's still got it!

Sunday was indeed a day of rest.  Jane took a wonderful morning nap which helped me recover from a night of debauchery.  To celebrate the amazing weather we had yesterday, Mark and I walked her to the park where she enjoyed a swing ride.  If I had to define happiness, it would be a fall day with my family in the park.  Oh, the memories we are making!

PS - Things in New Orleans are looking up after that Saints victory last night.  Here's to Drew Brees for breaking yet another NFL record.  Couldn't happen to a better man!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the theme of your sister's night out. And, Yes aren't family days at the park the best?
    PS: WHat is miss Jane going to be for halloween?!

  2. Oh my the Gold Mine?!? Y'all weren't playing around!!



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