Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today's a Big Day!

Today, I will be going with one of our directors on my very first client proposal.  Eeeekkk!!!  I've got my best suit on, my C Loubs nice and polished, and my mind focused and ready.  It's exciting and totally scary all at the same time. 

I keep thinking to myself, I hope I can remain calm and not find myself shaking in my boots!  That thought leads me to think about boots, which reminds me that I needed to show yall a picture of the FABULOUS booties I bought the other day.  I don't often splurge on shoes.  To be honest, I think the last pair of shoes I bought were my C Loubs back in January.  These were a splurge, but how could I pass them up!
Badgley Mischka Mysti Booties

After work today, I will be heading to the Mannings (yes, the parents of Cooper, Peyton, and Eli) for my first Zoo-to-Do Auction Committee meeting.  I am so excited to be a part of this amazing annual event. 

It's a big day for my prima ballerina too!  Jane has her third music class today.  She and my dad have so much fun playing instruments (Jane apparently prefers to eat them) and dancing at Miss Lala's Music Together Nola.

Hope you're finding a way to make this hump day extra special!


  1. I hope your meetings go well today. Jane is so cute!

  2. Good Luck and hope everything goes well! A great pair of shoes always gives me a confidence boost.

  3. Best of Luck to you!!!

    and I'm jealous of your fancy shoe collection! I tried on a pair of Loubs once but I knew I'd rarely ever wear them. so I stick my good ole practical naturalizer and soffts. LOL

  4. Good luck today! I am sure you will do GREAT!
    I dream of owning a pair of CL heels{lucky lady!}. and oh my goodness those booties... LOVE!!!

  5. Say hi to Archie for me - Vickie MANNING Carmichael

  6. Oh what gorgeous booties! I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair, and these would certainly fit the bill... Jane is beautiful as always! XX



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