Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jane's Last Day of School

Today was Jane's last day of school.  Ironically, I am more emotional about her last day than her first.  When she crawled into the pre-k one program back in November, she was just a baby.  She was a clean slate ready to take in the world as it was presented to her. Today, she ran into the arms of her teachers a little girl who has grown to love learning in a way I could have never taught her.  For that, I am truly and honestly forever grateful.  

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  1. How sweet! When Elle attended her preschool in AZ it did her wonders. I am so excited to get her back in this upcoming school year. I agree, there is so much to be said about them exploring and learning how to share and learn new things that they can not get at home.
    Jane is getting so big and adorable as always! You def must be one proud mommy.



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