Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Products I Am Loving

It's official.  Summer has arrived in New Orleans.  This weekend was a hot one.  We had a few summer showers followed by the kind of steamy atmosphere a facialist would love to have.

Here are a few summer products I am loving...

Aren't these ceramic ice cream cones adorable?  They are the perfect no-drip solution!

This Milly Lobster Print Canvas Bag is perfect for the beach or a picnic.  

Wouldn't these monogrammed coasters be perfect for your porch or deck furniture for your next cookout?  

This Anne Cole Knit Tunic actually had me excited about putting on a swimsuit.  It is bright and cheery and really flattering without making you feel totally covered up!

Aren't these striped pajamas adorable?  I cannot sleep in pants, but this takes the traditional set and makes them summer weather friendly!

What summer products are you loving?

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