Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love tax day!

Well, we are here wrapping up tax season 2010.  It's weird - at this early morning moment on April 15, 2010 it's kind of calm, but is it the calm before the storm?  From past experience, I'm beginning to think it is.  Soon the world will be waking up, and the phone calls will start and the copier will beginning buzzing, and we will enter the last crazy phase of this whole process.  As much as I moan about it, there's something exhilirating about it too.  There's a finality to it!  We're done.  After all this hard work - it's over! 

Since I'm in the mood for a little celebration, I thought I'd celebrate this sweet little award that SSG from Memoirs of a Southern Bell sent to me.  It was so sweet of her to include me!!!!  Thanks SSG!!  You should check out her blog and the recipe she is featuring for praline cupcakes.  Mmmmm!

I would like to pass this award on to some blogs I have just recently started following.  I hope you'll check them out and see what all the fuss is about:
  1. Lindsey at Won't You Be My Nabor - I love her fashion posts! She's feautring military inspired fashion today.
  2. Marianne Strong from Haven and Home - She is a very talented and creative interior designer whose posts always inspire me.
  3. Kristin and Megan from The Bon Bon Rose Girls - Whether it's Champagne Saturdays or summer wedges or a deal of the day, these girls are always celebrating!
  4. Kim from TomKat Studios - You will never feel more inspired or have a greater deisre to be creative than when you visit Kim's blog.  I am in awe of the amazing artistry she uses to create party scenes.  Wow!!!
  5. Bumpkin from Bumpkin on a Swing - She's a sweet southern belle with an eye for fashion.  Check out her homage to Chanel yesterday.  Swoon!
The rules state that you should link to the lovely lady who pass on this award to you, choose five blogs that make you happy, and also list ten things that make you happy.  Here goes:

9. Crossing the Proverbial Finish Line

10. Post Tax Season Weekend Getaways


  1. loving the lists and the photos! happy april 15th.

  2. Girlfriend this list just made my day whole lots better! Congrats on the wonderful award! xoxo

  3. What a great list :) I'm loving all the pictures too!

  4. Ooh, I like your happy items. Especially the shoes & peonies. I can't WAIT for peony season to start up here in Nebraska! Happy End of Tax Season to youuuu!

  5. You made it!! Congrats... all that hard work and now you can finally relax a little. So much to look forward to with your upcoming trips.

  6. i've been thinking about ya today!!! Yippie the day has come!!! Run on over to starbucks to get ur free cup of coffee...:)

  7. I thought that first picture of sprinkles was a picture of hair pins, and I loved them! I love sprinkles too, but now I really want hair pins that look like that ;)

  8. I love all of these things!! When are you going to Paris?? We're thinking of going on our honeymoon- I'll definitely be checking to see if you have some cool recommendations!

  9. Enjoy this much deserved get away!! :)

    Since you love ice cream and planning your Paris trip, I must make this recommendation! I am sure you have already heard of this place, but you must go to Berthillon Ice Cream when you are in Paris. It's right by the Notre Dame on the Il de la Cite region. It's a must do in my book! Everything is homemade and it's just delicious!! :)

  10. Thank you SO much for the sweet award!! I can't wait to blog about it and pass it on!!

    I'm loving those shoes and ice cream sounds so good right now, even though I need to be in the bed! ha ha!

    Have a great weekend girlie!

  11. You're the sweetest lady. Thank you so much for thinking of us! And we are of like minds. I looooove sprinkles!



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