Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trendy Wednesday: Summer Shoes

Well hello fashionista friends.  If this post seems a bit more scattered than most other Trendy Wednesdays, it's because my brain is mush at this point of tax season.  How mushy, you ask?  Well, on Sunday I kept thinking my cell phone smelled like bananas.  The logical conclusion I came up with was that I must have a brain tumor - you know how you start smelling funny things?!  Of course, the actual reason became apparent yesterday when I was searching through my purse for a pen, and instead, I found a black soggy banana.  Gross, I know.  But that explains the state of my world right now.  So please excuse the random collections of summer shoes that have nothing in common aside from the fact that I think they're fabulous.  I hope you do too!
I am loving these cute strappy sandals.  They come in a million colors, but these were my two favorites!

Steve Madden 'Serrious' Sandal
These arrived at my front door last Friday, and I love them!  They're a cute simple sandal with an added splash of metallic at the heel!   And they're currently on sale at Nordstoms (click the link above)!!!

Grevy's Wedges
When wearing shorts, there is nothing that adds more shape and length to your legs than a good pair of platform wedges.  I love these!

Ooohhhh!  And these!

And then there are these gorgeous Tory Burch pumps that I will continue to drool over! 
At then end of the day, I still go back to this post here, and realize that the BCBG Irmah sandal just might be my favorite shoe of summer.


  1. Those are all so perfect!! I am needing some new summer shoes bad! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  2. I love those striped wedges! Those are fabulous!

  3. These are all so cute! I have a lovely pair of Kate Spade sandals that I just know shall be worn all summer.

    Hang in there - not long at all now until the madness is all over for you!

  4. Cute, cute! I love the MICHAEL Michael Kors Maple Wedge Sandal, since I'm 5 ft 3 on a good day I love wedges!
    I am so glad I left accounting, it became too much when both boys were born in February (yes I know smack dab in the middle of tax season esp since our customers were farmers and corporations, you know due March 1 and 15).
    Think 2 more days and it slows down A LOT!
    Happy Wednesday.

  5. I am in serious need of some new summer sandals!!! I can't decide! I love those BCBG ones though! Very fabulous! :)

  6. Cheap tip! You can get almost the exact BCBG sandals at Target for like $20. I don't know if they come in that brown though, I do know they come in black. Thanks for the shoe roundup!

  7. OMG, those Grevy's wedges are hot hot hot! I featured those MK ones a bit back and I reeeeeeeally want them now that I see them again!

  8. I am dying over the banana phone story HAHAH!! I would have totally thought I had a brain tumor too! That is hilarious. Just remember tax season is ALMOST OVER honey!

    I must have those Serrious heels, running to Nordy's now. The metallic back is such a fun surprise! Hope you don't mind that we'll be shoe buddies this summer? They are perfect and exactly what I have been looking for!

  9. the serrious shoes are MINE! you cannot have them. and did i read that you are moving home?????

  10. So nice to know I'm not alone on the whole brain tumor thing...every time I smell something that just doesn't seem right I immediately wonder if I'm dying.

    Loving the shoes, especially the purple Steve Maddens and those nude perfect for summer!

  11. I am so glad that sandal season is upon us! My fave ones are the Steve Maddens. Very cute.

    My feet as so not in sandal-season-shape. I had a pedicure when I went to Arizona to visit Heidi but they look pretty terrible now!!!!

  12. Love these shoe picks! Great tren for summer.

  13. I just said out loud "Oh my god I love those black and white wedges" and my husband goes "No, not another pair of shoes!



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