Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trendy Wednesday - Neutral Summer Bags

**PS - I have no idea why this is posting in caps!!! Sorry!!!!

Welcome back to Trendy Wednesdays!! I've missed telling you all about my favorite fashion finds. I got an email today from my friend C asking if I had seen any cute spring handbags. With the no shopping for Lent policy, I've tried to avoid anything related to spring/summer trends (something about avoiding the near occasion of sin comes to mind). Well, I have spent the last two hours scouring the interwebs for the latest and greatest spring handbags. Oohhh, I've been missing some good stuff in my shopping absence. There are so many choices for a great spring bag, so I narrowed my search to neutrals. Here is what I've found so far... 

Steve Madden "Sophisticate" Convertible Hobo Bag

I love the pleating detail and the gold accents.  It's a great bag at a great price!

Zambos & Siega Brigitte Bag

I like the unique structure of this bag. The dark brown accent would pair nicely with some brown studded strappy sandals.

For the girl who likes a pop of color in her spring accents, this Lilly bag is the perfect choice!

This bag is a spendier version of the Steve Madden bag shown above. I love the chain link detail!! I have a Cole Haan bag and the leather is quite possibly the softest leather of any bag I own. I imagine that this one would be just as soft.
Isn't this the cutest! I think the shimmer of the Glimmer is fabulous.
And this is my "if I had a million dollars" choice. Isn't she pretty!!!!

Don't you just love these little silhouettes.  It always helps to imagine what the bag would look like in your hand.  I think this would look darn good!


  1. Cute picks! My fav is the Kate Spade Glimmer...

  2. If we lived in the same city, I would totally hire you to be my personal shopper. You have great taste! And you find the best stuff!!

  3. I knew I could count on you to find something fabulous! Now I just have to decide which fabulous bag I need...and it is going to be a tough decision!

  4. Okay, just ordered Cole Haan. I had to look up another site to see what the inside looked like -- LOVE!!!!

  5. AHH!! I love that Kate Spade bag!!! I was torn between the gold and the bright green that I got instead. Now I want the gold one!! I should've just listened to my husband and got both. Gotta love him! :)

  6. Thanks for the the eye candy this morning...I want all of them! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  7. Love the pleated bags & cream color is so in. Hope you are having a fantastic day! Oh, mentioned you in my post the other day. Miss seeing your comments :(

  8. Yay I love your fashion columns! I think the Lilly bag is so adorable!

  9. That first bag is my favorite! Great finds!

  10. Oh la la! I want one of each!!! Typical. Hehe. Xoxo-BLC

  11. what fabulous bags!!! esp the lilly!!! too cute!! love your blog! i am a new follower!

  12. That Cole Haan bag is on sale at neimanmarcus.com - I'm getting it! Thanks for the tip!



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