Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Journey Home: Hotel Life's For Me

Mark and I have been living at the Hampton Inn since Sunday, and I must say I am very much enjoying our little abode.  The perks:
  1. We can keep it as cold as we want to without worrying about running up the electric bill
  2. The blackout curtains in our room make it impossible to tell when the sun comes up allowing us to sleep peacefully all morning
  3. Fresh towels and sheets daily without having to any laundry at all
  4. Warm coffee and a nice breakfast is ready and waiting every morning
  5. We get to pretend we're as cool as these famous folks who also call a hotel a home
My favorite NYC girl, Eloise, lives at the Plaza Hotel

Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass lives at the NYC Palace Hotel

Paris Hilton had a part-time residence at NYC's Waldorf Astoria

Coco Chanel lived at The Hotel Rits in Paris for over 30 years

What are your favorite hotel lifestyle perks?


  1. the views, the nice bathrooms (the bathroom at the Intercontinental in Boston was hands down the best), and yes I agree about the fresh towels.

  2. I like that someone else cleans the bathroom for me every day... And brings fresh towels... And sometime puts a chocolate on my pillow.

  3. I love, love, love hotels! We have been lucky enough to stay at some really upscale ones with my husband's company...

    My favorite thing... coming back in the afternoon to a clean, perfect room.

    Fluffy towels and to-die-for sheets.

    At the Ritz Carlton in Maui, each night there was choc on the pillows along with a picture postcard with a beautiful picture, and thought to go to sleep by, along with slippers by your bed on a little mat, and your robe laid out for you.

    I could get used to that ;)

  4. oh i LOVE eloise!! i'm being her for halloween! have you seen the eloise suite at the plaza? it is TDF!

  5. I love to stay at hotels. Hope you have some fun escapades like Eloise! :)

  6. I love a hotel stay! ENJOY the lack of chores!

  7. its very great to see that people love and enjoy hotels. being a hotel manager for the last 12 years - that makes me happy! but i too love hotels and think it is hysterical my 4 year old knows the drill from arrival to departure. he always leaves the housekeeper a tip and a picture he drew!

  8. I'm glad you're taking your temporary arrangements in stride and making the most of it! I on the other hand am a horrible traveler and hotel guest. I much prefer my own bed in my own home. Loved your famous hotel comparisons! And, who doesn't love Eloise!?

  9. Don't forget Dylan McKay! :) I do love staying in a hotel---not having to clean is my favorite perk.

    I can't believe you're leaving in a few days.....SO, SO sad!!!!!! :(

  10. Every year for my birthday I ask for a night or two or three at a very nice hotel. It is the best. The crisp white sheets tightly tucked in is my fav part.

  11. I looooove hotels and I love the Eloise movies. Can't wait to watch Eloise at Christmas with my kids every year! Grand Palace in Riga, Latvia is my favourite. Chocklad on our pillows every afternoon - that's kind of sweet!! Have a beautiful Sunday!


  12. Honey, I am SO WITH YOU!!!

    We always joke that we really could live in hotels:)

    We have traveled the world over (with hubbys work) staying in hotels...some for a month(s) at a time and let me tell you, we LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! Esp with kids......nothaving to cook each AM... and some Marriotts would have a "themed" dinner each night....YEP! ahem......

    I am excited for you! I think I am heading over JUST TO GO TO WHOLE FOODS & eat at Equator in the next week or two:)


  13. You are in pretty chic company, miss, with that list! Enjoy the perks of celebrity hotel living! XO



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