Monday, July 25, 2011

The Boys Are Back in Town!

136 days!!!

136 days without football is far, far too many.  But as of 10:00 am tomorrow morning, the Saints players can enter the team facility for the first time since the lockout began on March 3rd.    It truly would not be July without the hopes and dreams that come along with training camp.  July brings with it the hopes of the fans that we'll once again hoist the Lombardi trophy and July brings with it the dream of every kid who imagined they'd one day put on a shiny new helmet emblazoned with one of 32 exclusive emblems.  

We can start talking to free agents tomorrow and can officially have them signed on Friday evening.  It's going to be a mad rush to secure our own free agents.  I wish all the luck in the world to our GM Mickey Loomis and all of our players who are needing to be re-signed.  Our team wouldn't have been the same without a single one of them.  And if by some chance on Friday, the team and our free agents have to part ways, those guys will be Saints forever!  And, of course, they will always be 2009 World Champions.

Who Dat!  I'm ready for some football!


  1. Amen sista! Can't wait for football season and the cool in the air!

  2. I am so excited too! Especially since my little guy will be born right before the new season starts! :) He has all sorts of cute saints outfits I can't wait to dress him up in his Krewe du Drew onesie!



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