Friday, July 15, 2011

Week 22: A Bump and Baby Bedding

Good afternoon, Baby A!

Can you believe we're past the 22 week point?  You have officially made your way into the world this week.  Last Sunday, Mommy had to break down and purge her closet of almost all of the non-maternity clothes.  Why?  Because what has long been just an exaggerated muffin top is finally a real live baby bump.  I have to admit, while it creeps me out to think people are focusing more and more on my abdomen, I really love seeing you growing in there.  Every morning when I get ready for work, I am amazed to see that your are in fact living in my tummy! 

Just in case you are a little fashionista, I thought I'd share with you Mommy's favorite shopping spree item...
A Pea in the Pod two button blazer in Navy!

Baby A, your bedding finally arrived this week!  Daddy and I are so excited.  It is just like what we pictured.  This weekend we are going to pick out a paint color for your nursery and fabric for your glider.  By the end of the month, your furniture should arrive, and your room will start to look more and more like it does in Mommy's head (or rather on the pages of Restoration Hardware Baby and Child).

I can't wait for you to see it!  It should be a very peaceful place.  It will be focused around colors like cream and taupe and white.  I don't want you to think that we expect you to be boring, it's just that as much as I try to be one of those surprise "pops of color people," I'm not.  Which makes me wonder what kind of person you'll be.  Will you be more like me or more like daddy?  Or will you be some combination of the two of us, uniquely your own?  I think the farther along I am in my pregancy, the more I begin to wonder about you.  And the more I wonder, the more excited I get to meet you!!

Have a great week, Baby A

Love, Mommy and Daddy


  1. Im loving the blazer and the bedding. Cant wait to see pictures when everything is all in and done. You look great!!! Glad everything is going smooth for you and baby.

  2. I was the EXACT same way with our nursery. It has touches of blue, but mostly creams and whites.

  3. What a perfect nursery! I'm sure yours will look very similar! Be sure to post pictures!

  4. i'm sure baby a's room will be just perfect! this is so exciting! :)

    <3, Mimi



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