Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday is the New Friday

A few week's ago, I heard Mark declare that Thursday is the new Friday.  How genius!!  I love that kind of outlook.  Why can't we extend our laid back, enjoy the moment weekend attitude.  We aren't always able to do so with his call schedule, but when we can, it's so much fun.  Sometimes, we pop into our neighborhood bar, St. Joe's, and pick up a walking drink.  My choice is always the blueberry mojito.  It pairs wells with an Uptown stroll on a hot summer night.  Other times, we will have a spontaneous dinner outside at one of our favorite French restaurants.  I find that if you dine with a baby outside, they are easily entertanied and people are less likely to give you death stares.

Tonight, we have just decided to go to a wine tasting at Cork and Bottle with Jane and my parents.  It's a fabulous little wine shop with a charming bar area (where we had my baby shower).  They offer both wine classes and wine tastings.  I haven't been to either since almost right when we moved home I got pregnant.  Then I worried that we'd never go once we had Jane, but now I can't wait to go and have her tag along.  She loves Thursday night adventures and will especially love this one since my parents will be there!

Since Thursday is the new Friday, I can officially say, "Have a good weekend!"


  1. Amen sister! This has been the longest week ever for me...thank goodness Thursday is the new Friday :)

  2. How fun! St. Joe's Bar is where my sister met her husband!!

  3. How fun! St. Joe's bar is where my sister met her husband!

  4. yay for the weekend!!! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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