Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to Cure a "Saints are 0-4" Funk...

I just cannot believe that our Saints are 0-4.  I sincerely hoped we'd be the first team to ever host and appear in the same Superbowl.  I need to get out of my Sunday no-fun-day funk.

Here's a few treats that might help!

Revenge is back!!!  It's as good as always...

These silk bow napkin rings...

This exquisite Oscar de la Renta gown

This adorable Halloween costume.  Jane as Audrey!  Yes, please.

That it's Fall yall!

What gets you out of a funk?


  1. I am sorry about the Saints. And those napkin rings are so cute.

  2. A nice cold glass of sauvignon blanc in this crisp fall weather ... 2 months!

  3. Shopping and finding that JUST RIGHT pair of jeans... a surprise afternoon off... hmmmm what else?



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