Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Fave: The Most Perfect Tee Ever!!

My wonderful mother-in-law was in town for Jane's birthday/Thanksgiving and was gracious enough to give me a mommy morning on Black Friday. 

There was something very relaxing about getting in the car by myself, turning up the Christmas tunes, and heading downtown as the sun came up.  When I got to The Shops, it was quient and peaceful.  They had a coffee and hot chocolate station set up and a gentleman playing caroles softly on a piano.  I find nowawdays I don't spend a considerable amount of time on my own.  I couldn't have imagined alone time that could be any more perfect than Black Friday at the Canal Place.

That is until I found the most amazing tee ever made!  I popped into Anthropology to take advantage of their 20% off everything sale and bumped right into the Pocketed Ragland Tee.  I have been on a search for a tee like this since leggings and jeggings came into being.  You see, I have a God given muffin top that having a baby did not improve and boot camp seems to be unable to remove.  I need tees that are not form fitting to accentuate this issue.  Until Friday, I was unable to find one that fit the bill.  The Ragland tee is fitted at the top and flares below the bust.  It also comes below the tush in the back allowing you to feel assured that while wearing it you picture will not end up on one of those "Leggings are not pants" blogs.

I hope your Black Friday was as successful as mine.  I'm off to order the tee in every color made!


  1. I did not shop on Black Friday this year (well other than Remember Nguyen's online sale), but I am going to definitely have to check out this perfect tee! Thanks for sharing!!
    And that does sound like nice mommy alone time. :)

  2. I always want tees like that too- especially with a higher neckline. what a great find!



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