Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If Baby Jane Voted on the Issues (Completely Non-Political)

Jane Smiles at the voting polls.  Daddy frowns at the long line.

I posted this picture on Facebook and a friend joked that he hoped Jane voted on the issues.  It got me thinking about what Jane would consider issues at this stage in her life.

Jane's Guide to Voting, Election Day 2012:

Select a candidate who:
  • Would move the age it is acceptable to eat chocolate to eleven months.

  • Would make it allowable to roll around, kick, and holler when having your diaper change without being scolded.

  • Ensures that Elmo calls Daddy's cell phone at least once daily.

  • Promises to grant permission to poke your dog's eyes out and pull her ears without consequence.

  • Believes that all of Mommy's magazines are for tearing into a million pieces that she will have to pick up.

  • Makes it illegal for Mommy to serve homemade baby food because the organic kind in the squeezy pouch is way more fun.

  • Makes it a requirement that babies get no less than one million kisses per day.

This message paid for by Jane


  1. Jane you have our vote and I bet Elle would also like to be your VP and pass a law that says no more naps!

  2. Good afternoon from L.A.!

    What a great, light post about todays great election. I loved it! Jane's platforms sound great and she has my vote (as long as my little one doesn't decide to run as well ;) )



  3. I love this post. Too cute! I'm pretty sure Andrew would vote the same as Jane! :)

  4. she is adorable. i like her issues, much more than some of the regular ones!!



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