Thursday, July 11, 2013

Like Father Like Daughter

Mark's Mom recently sent us a box of photos from his childhood.  We spent about an hour last night going through all of them.  It was a hoot!!
Whenever Mark, Jane, and I are together people like to ask who she looks like.  Until last night, I always thought that she just looked like Jane.  I could never really identify our specific traits to hers.  Then we found some pictures of Mark and his brothers from when they were about her age now, and oh my goodness!!!  There is just so much of a resemblence!!!
 Now, if only she had inherited Mark's even temperment!!


  1. I love this! I did a similar post recently- and I still can't figure out who Andrew looks like more!

    I always thought Jane looked a lot like you, but that picture she sure looks a lot like him. :)

  2. They do look a lot a like in those pictures.



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