Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh Hap-pee Day! Jane Pee Pees on the Potty!!!

Jane is getting so big so fast!  Just check out her PONYTAIL!!!  I am unable to take her baby mullet any longer, but I am just not ready to cut her hair so the pony is the only solution that works.  But, it makes her look sooooo grown up...
Back to the hot topic of the day.  Jane's pee pee.  I recently read an article about the dangers of blogging about our children and how later on in life they may not appreciate us sharing the details of their trials and tribulations on the wild wild world of web.  This is certainly one of those stories, but I just can't help it.  I'm so excited.
For several weeks now, Jane has been fascinated with the potty.  I started taking her with me when I went to the potty so that she could understand what the potty does.  She constantly mimics me (makeup application, teeth brushing), so I figured this would be a great way for her to learn.  Sure enough, she was soon telling anyone who would listen, "I poo poo.  I pobby.  Peeeeece."  That translates to "Even though I just pooped my diaper I still really want to sit on the potty like a big girl, please."
So, any time Jane would say I poo poo or I pobby, we would take her into the bathroom and let her sit on the commode.  She would get a few squares of tissue and drop it into the toilet and flush and feel very proud.  Until the last couple of weeks, however, this routine was just fun for her and interesting for us to observe.  Recently, it became more and more apparent that she was connecting the sensation of having to potty with telling us she had to.  But, we could never make it in time for her to avoid the use of her diaper.
UNTIL...  Last night we were chatting with her, and she suddenly looked up and shouted "I pobby, I pobby!"  She held her diaper in a way that indicated she really did have to go.  So we ran into the bathroom, sat her on the potty, and sure enough, she pee pee'd on the potty!!!!  Ahhh!!  She was not nearly as excited as I was, because she thinks she has been doing that for weeks, but this time it wasn't just pretend. 
When we were done flushing and washing hands, she got to run to Mark and tell him, "I deed it. I deed it!"  It was such a huge moment in our house!
She is by no means potty trained, but it is so cool to see her brain processing things like this.  Twenty months ago, I had no idea that another person's potty habits could make me this happy!!
I don't know what steps to take from here?  I guess we should get her a baby potty??  Suggestions?  What worked for you?


  1. I am so proud of her!!! This is awesome. Like I mentioned on facebook- Andrew just sits on his potty and laughs up a storm and pretends. He'll grab the toilet paper and everything, but he won't go. Then he pees on the floor or even worse, in the tub... so you have every right to be super proud of your girl! :)

  2. That's awesome! There is a fold up seat at walmart that you place over the lid, it's a very handy thing for when you are out and about to put over public toilets and works SO much better than paper on the seat.



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