Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday & Sunday May 28th/29th: Au Revoir, Paris

As our trip was coming to a close, I found myself taking note of all of our last moments in Paris.  Mark believes that if you count all of your lasts, you'll be too busy to recognize any of your firsts.  But, I just can't help it. 

I wanted to take one last stroll down the cozy streets of the Ile de la Cite.  We stopped in and had an ice cream cone at Berthillon (vanilla for Mark and Passion Fruit for me).  Then we wandered into a hat shop where I found the hat I want to wear to the Derby should we ever get to go.

We enjoyed our final dinner in Paris at La Truffiere.  Mark particularly loved his dessert!  He voted this his favorite dish in Paris!

The staff at La Truffiere were amazing and made us feel very special.  Dinner at this beautiful and romantic restaurant was the perfect way to end our trip.  Perhaps my favorite aspect of La Truffiere - we were able to take their beautiful menu home with us.  What a special souvenir!

From my journal:  How is it Sunday already?  I feel like we just arrived!  I will never be able to put into words what a meaningful experience this was.  It may sound silly, but I feel like I have grown as a person since being here.  We have seen so many things, and to do so together has made this the trip of a lifetime.  While I am so incredibly sad to leave Paris,  I leave feeling renewed and excited about the world of adventures that is out there for Mark and me to explore.

One last view of the Pantheon

Au Revoir Iron Lady

I hope you enjoyed taking this journey with us!  There are so many helpful tools out there that made our trip so incredibly fun to plan.  I will be doing a  little tips and tricks post on Friday to recap all of the sites and blogs I used to guide me through our Paris planning.  Stay tuned!


  1. As you were sad that your trip was coming to an end, I am sad that your posts are coming to an end. It was so fun to see the sights of Paris through another person's eyes. I am glad that you loved the city as much as you did. I knew you'd fall for it like I did. It really is a gem of a city and I can not wait to return!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your great trip through Paris! It was fun!

  3. Ah Paris, I wish I could have gone with you. Loved seeing the pictures.

  4. What a beautiful trip! I'm still jealous.

  5. I felt that I went to Paris with you sharing your trip with us! :)

  6. So nice to meet you at Hidden Kitchen. You guys were great company, along with the great food, for our first night in town. I know what you mean about growing as a person. I didnt expect to have such a great time. Take care and keep in touch.

  7. I'm so glad that I have recently discovered your blog. I love Paris, and I've enjoyed reading about your trip.

  8. I was so happy to stumble upon your PARIS posts--and was surprised to see you were there just a week after my fiance and I! (He actually proposed on our last day there!). I loved looking at all of your pics and reading the adventures that you and your hubby had! It took me back to all the romantic-ness we experienced while we were there. Thanks for sharing your trip with the blog world!!!!!!



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