Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trendy Wednesday - Cole Haan

I don't think I ever told yall about my Cole Haan sandal mishap on the way to Paris.  So here goes... I bought these (pictured above) Air Halsley Thong sandals from Cole Haan in Jacksonville specifically for our trip.  I thought the flower appliques were very cute, and the Nike Air technology made them extra comfortable - perfect combination.  About halfway through our trans-Atlantic flight, I got up to stretch my legs and I heard something snap.  Oh no!  The strap to my sandal had broken!!!  What's a girl to do with four hours left in flight and all of her shoes packed away in the cargo bin?  Well, I took my pony tail holder out and broke it in half and made a little strap connector and the problem was temporarily solved. 

Having had mixed responses from customer service departments, I was leery about fixing this problem for good.  Well, have no fears fellow shoppers!!  The customer service department of Cole Haan was EXCEPTIONAL!  When we got back home I called and explained the situation, and they reassured me that not only would they take responsibility for the snapped strap, but they would let me decide whether I wanted a repair, a replacement, or a refund.  WOW!  That is what I call standing behind your product.  I elected to get the refund since our trip has passed and I'd rather have the option of selecting a pair of shoes that is perfectly uncomfortable. 

I was just so impressed with the customer service at Cole Haan that I had to share this experience.  And while I'm at it, why not also share a few of their adorable things I have my eye on.  Did you know they're having their bi-annual sale right now?  Go over and visit them!!!  And hurry!

I love the simplicity of these thongs.  And the double strap is a great detail!

Verona Air T-Strap
Swoon!  I have had my eyes on these for quite a while!  I think they are currently my favorite summer heels out there!
A good wedge is a summer wardrobe staple. Between the braiding, and the knot, and the patent leather, what's not to love about these?!

Isn't this belt adorable? And the blush color is just so pretty

This zip wallet would be the perfect way to get your purse organized. 

There is nothing better than a cute black clutch to accessorize your favorite LBD.  I really like the chain strap detail on this one.

If you are in the market for a hobo - look no further!  I got this bag in grey for Christmas and I love it!!!  The gold hardware, the basket weaving, and the tassel are a few of my favorite things.

Is there a brand that you think provides great customer service? 


  1. What a great customer service story- you don't hear those very often! Loving those tan and gold strappy heels, by the way

  2. Im swooning over these gold t-strap heels! Come to mama, sil vous plait!

  3. That is so great about your experience!!!! I LOVE when you run into some good customer service. That doesn't happen very often these days. Cole Haan has some great sandals!!!! Love the ones you chose. :)

  4. Wow, they really do have a great customer service. Glad it worked out for you, and thankfully you had another pair to put on. :)

  5. Okay three words. Gotta have it! Those black shoes are gorgeous! The peach tea sounds amazing and love the photos of your friends with their girls. They are quite a cute couple! Miss u! Sorry haven't been by in a while- I am doing good just putting up my posts this past week!

  6. Hey sweetheart! YAY so happy to chat with you last night. Can't wait to hear an update once you get more info! ;) Matt LOVED talking to you. I told him all about our millions of reasons why we need to move home, especially dance parties, late night seedy bar crawls and brunch @ Commanders. He TOTALLY agreed (and he know's I'm a sucker for those $.25 martinis too, you and I are going to have a BALL! haha!)

    Glad you've had such a great experience with Cole Haan, I am going to check them out again, they make great shoes (Love that Nike Air technology) and especially WORK shoes!! :)

    Hugs to you pretty lady xoxox

  7. It's so nice to hear of a positive customer service experience! I think stores like Nordstroms are usually great about their return policy. I also love how at target, you don't have to have you receipt. They can just scan my credit card to pull up the transaction which makes returns easy peasy. :)

  8. That is awesome that they stood by their product so well. You don't always get that sort of treatment these days. Loving the belt! Great finds.

  9. Would it not be the best if we got Trish and you here, and we could have a bloggy fest?

    I die at the idea!

  10. that's wonderful to hear! I love my Cole Hahn heels- they have a built in Nike Air technology so they are uber-comfy!

  11. I am trying to swear off internet shopping -- and really all shopping -- and I can see that you aren't going to make it easy!!! ;)

  12. What wonderful customer service! With all the walking you were doing in Paris, thank God you were able to fix it! I am loooving the Vineyard thong - so pretty!

  13. I love Cole Haan. They really do have good customer service! I get a lot of my work clothes at Talbots and one reason I keep going back is that they have good customer service as well.



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