Friday, July 2, 2010

My Patriotic Tablescape

I have been so out of the blogging loop this last week.  Between my trip to St. Louis, taking care of some moving back to New Orleans in three months (I can't believe it) things, and getting ready to welcome our Fourth of July guests, I have barely seen the laptop. 

For weeks, I have been searching around for inspiration for a festive Fourth of July tablescape.  Martha Stewart had some really great ideas.  I only had so much time though, so crafting things from scratch would have to be limited to items I could take care of after work.  I went to Michael's two weeks ago and found the most adorable red, white, and blue items that required little to no assembly at fantastic prices! 

Here's the whole picture (sorry for the terrible lighting - I'm still working on my fancy camera skills!)...

I went with a centerpiece of sunflowers because I wanted to bring some yellow into the scene to remember the service men and women who won't be home to celebrate the 4th with their families. 

I thought American flags would be a nice backdrop for the flowers.

I chose a red napkin rolled up in a way that resembled fireworks. I tried to find blue wired ribbon with white stars, but after a few stops and no luck, I went with the blue and white polka dot ribbon.

In the background you can see red, white, and blue metallic confetti in dots and stars.  I thought it was a festive touch that tied in the polka dots!

On Martha's website, she had a precious display of votives in vases filled with red, white, and blue sand.  I loved the idea and adapted it to hold some patriotic pinwheels!

I used the same idea on the other side of the table to hold American flags.

These adorable fireworks straws were perhaps my favorite find.  They are available at Pier1!!

I have used our buffet table as a display for the gift bags bowls we've put together for our guests!

They're filled with lots of Patriotic items, and a few Beaufort favorites as well!

What are you doing to make your house festive this Fourth?  I hope you all have awonderful and safe holiday !

And as always, I want to thank the men and women who fight for our country, most especially those stationed at the Naval Hospital Beaufort, the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, and the Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot.  Every day when I see you reporting to duty I am reminded of how amazing and selfless you are.  A million times, THANK YOU!


  1. Beautiful and so festive! I adore the red napkin with the blue polka dot ribbon. :) Happy 4th, darling!

  2. Wow!!!!!! What beautiful decorations!!! You did an AMAZING job!!!! I think the sunflowers were a perfect pop of yellow in the red,white and blue! Happy 4th!! :)

  3. Wow, looks awesome! You are such a great hostess! I definitely could learn a thing or two from you. I rarely host dinner parties, err, I should almsot say I never host them as I haven't hosted one for like 5 years because my condo is so dang tiny. You are inspiring me to put more thought into the table scape when I do host a party... which is on my 30 before 30 list, so obv needs to help sometime between now and Feb 6th!!

    Happy 4th of July to you & Mark!

  4. How lovely and festive! Love the buffet table and the gift bowls-how imaginative.
    As for our family & friends we shall be celebrating on a huge deck, decorated with yards of red, white and blue bunting complete with lanterns, plenty of seating and hopefully a ton of daiquiris, martini's and desserts to get me through grilling with the men in the group! :-)
    Have a lovely Fourth of July, cheers!

  5. So creative! It looks great, have a fun 4th!

  6. Nice job! Love those straws. I am sure your guests will love it all. Have a great 4th of July weekend!

  7. I love it, Jen!! So festive! The sand was a great idea, I love the flags and pinwheels. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Hugs to you :) xo

  8. well aren't you the most festive girl i know!?!
    how adorable!!! what a great mix of red, white and blue with the sunflowers!!! (i love sunflowers!)
    and working with sand? i'm quite sure i would make a giant mess.
    everything looks so patriotic! have a great 4th weekend!

  9. So pretty. I love those firework straws!!!

  10. MOVE OVER MARTHA! OMG Jen this is FABULOUS! I am so very very impressed with your mad tablescape planning skills, and you executed your gorgeous vision PERFECTLY!! The polka dot bows on the napkins, very classy, I love that. Those straws from Pier 1 are the best aren't they? I got some a year or so ago and still have a bunch left. You know they will be making an appearance this weekend!! Tell us about the red white and blue sand....was it hard to work with? Your party bowl treats are just too darn cute, your guests are so lucky, I would LOVE to be on your fabulous guest list!!! Someday soon I hope! :) xoxo Love you have a happy weekend, talk to you soon!! xoxo

    PS - Sorry I haven't returned your phone call - crazy week at work!!)

  11. How cute is your table? Love it all!

  12. That looks so fun and festive. I'm having fun seeing everyone's party ideas and storing them up for when my house is done and I can entertain. I love how you worked the yellow into your decor. Hope you have a happy 4th!

  13. Very cute, I love the pinwheels! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  14. Oh I just love your tablescape!!!! How festive!? Xoxo-BLC

  15. How pretty! I love the USA letters. I saw that sandy-vase at Martha's website too! Such a clever idea! Happy 4th of July!

  16. You make me feel really lazy, and jealous.....
    Love it, Love it, Love it Jen!
    You are the best.
    Good think you will be in my back pocket when the wedding and reception take place!

  17. Wow, look at everything! So awesome! I love those colored sand vase displays, cute!

    New follower :)

  18. How fun!!!! I love how this turned out! :)

  19. So cute! How did you dye the sand? Sorry if I missed it and you've already mentioned it.

    The color sand idea would be great for me to use to hold some of the decorations for GG's first b'day party.

  20. Wow! How crafty are you?! That's an amazing table and awesome decorations. I honestly don't think I have one 4th of July decoration.

  21. Look at that table! Girl, you did such a great job!! Next year, you're comin' to my place!



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