Monday, July 26, 2010

Saints Training Camp Conumdrum

Holy Cow!  Today I went to date a tax form, and I realized July is almost over.  I was less surprised by how quickly July has flown by than I was about my lack of awareness that August is just around the corner! 

You see, in any normal year, Saints fans across the globe would be counting down the days of July with incredible diligence because August means only one thing - training camp! 

In any normal year, we'd spend the month of July getting to know how the addition of our free agents will improve the defensive line, when our draft picks might make an impact on the strength of the secondary, and which undrafted free agents will be this year's Pierre Thomas. 

In any normal year, we'd be waiting impatiently for August to come so that we can forget the disappointments of past seasons.  We'd be discussing which player was most responsible for the failed conversions of fourth downs and points after which kept us from meeting our true potential. 

In any normal year we'd take comfort in knowing that training camp is the dawn of a new day.  Training camp is the spring of hope eternal.  In August, we are undefeated. 

But that's the thing, this isn't any normal year.  And while I'm, of course, looking forward to getting back into that Dome, I'm not ready to move past this season.  I want to continue to revel in the joy and success and beauty of our Superbowl season.  I want to remain atop the sports world and bask in the glow of good fortune.  I'm not ready for the party with the Lombardi to stop!

I want to keep feeling the excitement run through my veins every time I think about Garrett's kick that sent us to the big game...

Or Tracy's miraculous interception that sealed our first Superbowl victory...

Or Drew's emotional speech that emphasized that this season and this victory was as much for the people of New Orleans as it was for him...

I guess the only cure for this conundrum is to do it all over again!  A repeat would be nice, wouldn't it! 


  1. I give you one WHO DAT for that post!!! I'm ready for a repeat too!

  2. WHO DAT is right!! It will continue to be an AWESOME year for the city and the SAints! let's just hope the LSU Tigers can do the same!!

  3. Ouch.

    As a born & bred Indianapolis girl, and Colt's fan all my life I am more than ready to start the new season!!! Haha =) That was a great game, you guys totally earned the win, although we all pouted the entire month of February!

  4. New to your blog and love it!
    Saints fan by association! My boyfriend loves them so I must confess I didn't miss a game this season.

  5. Lookin' forward to all your football posts this year! My kind of girl ;-)

  6. Repeat, girl, repeat!! Hope springs eternal. The first game in the Dome is going to be unreal! (Better than 2006 season opener, I dare say?)

  7. I concur! I'm going to try to take a day off next week to go watch! :)

  8. I am ready for the start of the season too. But it is so the Bears crappy season is behind us.

  9. I was drawn to your blog because I am taking my first trip to New Orleans in the fall during Halloween weekend to attend the Steelers/Saints game! I was looking to find out more about the city from an aunthentic New Orleanian and was pleasantly surprised to find out that you are just that--AND a Saints fan! I loved your post--as I am an avid football fan too---but I root for the "other" team--the Steelers! I've added your blog to my "list to read" and look forward to learning more about New Orleans in the months leading up to my trip!

  10. OMG.. Love love this post.. Dad and I just had this same discussion.. Looking forward to a great 2010 season!!



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