Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday: Birds of a Feather

With our move home to New Orleans getting closer by the minute, I find myself often reflecting on friendships.  Mostly, I find myself thinking "how did I get so lucky to have the world's greatest friends?" 

I remember when I graduated from college feeling like I'd never again have friendships as true and wonderful as the friendships I made at Loyola.  How could it possibly be?  And when we moved here to Beaufort, I told Mark that I didn't want to make new friends.  I just wanted my old friends back.  It was a tad dramatic, I admit, but there's something scary in the world of friendships about the great unknown.

And four years later, as I watch the final months of our time here vanish before my eyes, I couldn't be more grateful for the friendships we found here.  I often feel like we were meant to be here and meant to find these people because they have enriched our lives in so many ways.  And it makes me sad to leave them, and it makes me nervous and anxious about developing new friendships when we get home.  Life really does repeat itself, doesn't it?
I guess I often wonder how I got so lucky.  And is it like catching lighting in a bottle to have been lucky enough to find amazing friends like the ones I have known throughout my life?  We seem to have common interests, common goals, and most importantly, common values.  I see a little of myself in each of them, and I see them in me. 

And I wonder, did that happen over time?  Did we learn from each other and improve each other, all the while improving ourselves?  Or like birds of a feather, are we simply drawn to people who are like us? 

I'm not sure of the answer, but I know one thing: birds of a feather stick together.  And I am confident that neither time nor space can take me aways from my girls.

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  1. I always LOVE seeing what you come up with next on Pink & Green Thursdays! Love this one! - as usual! lol

  2. I know exactly how you feel about having the best college buddies and thinking you will never meet friends as great. Perhaps it's because you share SO many memories together. It's funny how life works out, though.

    As close as I was with those friends, I don't see them anymore. *sniff, sniff* My closest friends are the neighbor friends I made 18 years ago from the neighborhood where we bought our first home. We were young and all having kids around the same time. In fact, we all had boys the same year and they "hang" all the time, too. Hockey fanatics!

    We've all since moved out of that neighborhood (One of the friends moved by me), but we see each other all the time. Now, we've made memories and history together. Holidays, vacations, hockey trips, "date nights," etc.

    As you know, you will remain in contact with those friends, but will make new ones, too.

    I wish you the best of luck with your move to New Orleans.

    Beautiful post. I thought about 2 of my closest college friends today. Thank you. :)

  3. Awww!!! That is so sweet. There is nothing in the world like friendship. Even if you move away, you will always have their friendship and the memories you had together. :)

  4. What a great post! You have no idea how lucky you are to have such great friends!! Honestly, they're a dime a dozen. So if you have one or two, you're pretty blessed! I wouldn't trade my lovlies for anything!! :-)

  5. I agree, friendships care so important so matter where and when you meet! I just got off the phone with my best friend who lives in Boston (I'm in NYC) but it doesn't matter, we are still close.

  6. I have good friends too but honestly - I moved around so much and there is a handful of friends that are the ones I'm closest too and NONE..none of them live here in the Carolinas :(
    That is what was so great about our wedding. Getting see everyone and have everyone meet each other. My friends are hodge podge and some of them had never even met.

  7. What a beautiful post!

    I had dinner w/ 2 girlfriends at salut on Monday night and when I got home, I had one of those, "oh my gosh I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends" moments. It was just the perfect night. Great weather. Great food. Great conversation. Lots of laughter.

    It is scary to think about moving away and starting life over again in NOLA. Good luck to you & Mark! I know you are the kind of people that will maintain friendships with your Beaufort friends, though!

  8. Friends are more precious than even the most precious this post!

  9. How touching! And how very true that it is so hard to move and leave dear friends... but true friendships endure and new friendships will be made in your new home. Such beautiful images to go along with beautiful words.

    You are one lucky lady, indeed!

  10. Love all of these images, especially the peacock feathers. :)

    As for friends, they do come and go. Just wait until you have a baby. That opens up a whole new world of mommy friends. :)

  11. Oh, girl, I'm in the same boat, wondering how I will make friends who can compare to y'all! I am so glad to call you one of my best girlfriends! And I can't believe that moving day is coming so soon...I just don't know how I am going to handle it.

  12. Beautiful and fun pictures! I have had a similar experience as you too. The last time I moved, I only wanted my old friends. New ones were out of the question for me! But, how funny life is when we look back on it and realize what great friends we have met no matter where we have been in life!

  13. Loving this pink and green hop....Have a few hours to blog hop....Love those nights....Hope you will visit...I will have a new giveaway on Monday...

  14. What a perfect post! Your words are so true and the pictures are awesome, as always. So good to step back and reflect on things like friendship....

  15. AW!!!! I love you and I am so sad that you're moving!! You're right, though--birds of a feather stick together, and I know we'll be friends no matter how great the distance. I'm so glad y'all moved here and we became such good friends, but I'm very sad to see you go. :(

  16. Don't make me cry when I'm already hormonal! :) This is so sweet and so you. I am so honored to call you a great friend.



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