Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday: Tie a Yellow Ribbon

As the Fourth of July weekend approaches, I have been thinking about how amazing it is to be celebrating the birth of our great nation.  I know I take for granted the freedoms this country provides to me, so when we have a chance to celebrate that freedom and those who continue to fight for it, I find myself eternally grateful and humbled. 
I have been humming the song Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree for days now, and I thought it would be fun to tie (no pun intended) P&G Thursday into the Fourth of July festivities. 

In 1949, a song titled She Wore a Yellow Ribbon was written for a movie by the same name.  It begins..
Around her hair she wore a yellow ribbon
She wore it in the springtime
in the merry month of May
And if you ask her why the heck she wore it
She wore it for her soldier who was far far away.

In 1979, when Americans were taken hostage in Iran, people here at home began tying yellow ribbons on the trees in their front yards as a sign of support for those taken with the promise that they would not come down until all of the hostages had been returned.

We continue to see yellow ribbons tied on trees in support of every member of the armed forces who is away from his or her family in the hopes of protecting ours.  You can go HERE to see just how much this message means to one Marine, Lcpl Privett, 22 MEU SCAMP team.
So while these ribbons might be pink and green, I hope they remind you of the yellow ribbons that continue to serve as a remembrance for each and every servicemember who is far, far away. 

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  1. I loved how right after the Sept 11th tragedy, so many people tied yellow ribbons around their trees. Was such a beautiful way to show our support in a small way. It's good to have a visible reminder like that!

  2. What a wonderful post today. My old neighbor (still my dad's neighbor) has a son in the army and they have a big yellow ribbon tied around every tree in their yard. It's an amazing sight to see and it makes you feel proud of them and proud of him and brings a tear to my eye everytime I drive by. :*)

  3. Great post today! Love the connection you made! A great reminder!

  4. What a great idea.... Love this post!

  5. I remember 1979 and all the yellow ribbons. I think it's wonderful that we continue to show our support and never take for grated all those who have sacrificed so much in the name of freedom and liberty. I am forever grateful. God bless this great country.

  6. FANTASTIC post girly!!! Loving favorite!

  7. Love the yellow ribbon history story! I had no idea all of that stuff! And the ribbon pictures? Fabulous as always. Don't bows and ribbons just add so much to things... shirts, shoes, gifts? You always know that if something has a bow on it, it has to be good!! :-)

  8. Oh, and how many more days until you're here??? I'm getting excited!

  9. Hi sweetheart, Happy Pink & Green Thursday! You put a lot of thought into this post, and I appreciate it! What a great connection you made! I adore the pictures of the bows, I'd put a bow on everything if I could, they are just the best! I adore that last picture, pink and green all in one, so cute! I also am in love with the girl with the ginormous yellow bow tied around her, I guess she's the birthday present! :) Heehee! Thanks for your beautiful post my dear friend! Love and hugs xoxo



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