Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 33: A Day For Baby A

Dear Baby A,

You are scheduled to arrive into our world just six weeks from today.  Can you believe it?!  I honestly cannot.  Last week I started panicking because we didn't have everything ready for your impending arrival.  I know we have time left, but things have gone so quickly that I know I will blink and you will be here in my arms.

Since Daddy had his day off last Wednesday, I used my last vacation day to spend the day with him.  It was a day we set aside just for you, Baby A.  We went to Mommy's doctor and learned that you are growing just as you should be.  We got to hear your little heart beating.  It is a sound that we could hear all day without it ever growing old.  It is such an amazing reminder that you are growing inside my tummy!!

From there, we went to Babies R Us and purchased the two biggest items we had left on our list of things we needed for you - a mattress and a monitor.  Mommy had been so nervous about committing to each of these because there's so much research out there about which one is best that it's hard to make a choice.  With Daddy's help (he has such a level head!) we found just the right ones for us.  We also got you some diapers and diaper cream and wipes.  We ordered a Sophie doll for you too!  It is every baby's favorite toy, and we can't wait for you to love it.

We ended the day by meeting your pediatrician, Dr. Brown.  She was so incredibly sweet and patient and excited to meet you.  It was so comforting to meet someone that will care about your well being as much as we do.

Daddy and I couldn't have had a better day.  Thirty three weeks ago I would have defined a perfect day with Daddy as one that combined a street car ride, a walk through the Quarter, a boozy lunch, and a nap.  Now, I would say that the perfect day with Daddy is one spent getting ready for you.

We hope you keep growing bigger and stronger, and we look forward to meeting you in six short weeks!

Lots of love little one,

Mommy and Daddy


  1. Wow...only six weeks away. How exciting! :)

  2. This is such a sweet post, and it brought tears to my eyes! I can't believe that Baby A's arrival is six short weeks away! I can't wait to find out if Baby A is a he or she -- though I think he is a he, def! Miss you!!!



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