Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside!

After a warm week last week, Mother Nature has brought us some chilly weather for the weekend.  While summer clothes are fun and flirty, there is something about winter clothing that feels so elegant and timeless.  These are two looks I saw on Pinterest that I am dying over.  They make me want this weather to stick around for a while!

Isn't this coat gorgeous?!  I would love to know who makes it if anyone has any ideas!!

This look is so simple and so put together.  And her hair is spectacular.  

The other thing I love about winter is how cute Jane looks all snuggled up in her "Snug as a Bug" sack.  

Hope you find something stylish or snuggly to keep you warm!


  1. I wish it felt a bit more like winter in LA. I guess I can't complain about temps in the high 70s though...

    P.S. I'm heading to NOLA this spring. Never been! Any must-sees? Thanks :)

  2. I am DYING over that coat - so elegant and ladylike with a hint of fun! And little Jane in her snuggly attire? Even more adorable!!! xoxo

  3. I love that coat too and I want to say that Victoria's Secret may sell a similar one in yellow. Weird, I know...

    But Jane certainly is the star of this post!!! I know you're just loving her to pieces. Did I mention I love her name? It's my lil sisters name too. :)



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