Monday, January 23, 2012

Girls Night In

I'm sure that after my maternity leave ends and  I go back to work I will not feel this way, but for the last few weeks, I can honestly say that Monday is my favorite day of the week.  While I love our time spent as a family, there's something very special about the time I spend alone with Jane.  After busy weekends, Mondays seem to give the two of us a quiet time to catch up.  

Mondays also give the two of us two reasons to stay in, cuddle up together on the couch, and get our fill of girly drama.  

I know its stale and they keep reusing the same "characters" over and over again, but I cannot help but watch The Bachelor.  Even when I'm not really enthralled with the candidates, it sucks me in.  And two weeks ago, without fail, I surrendered my Monday evenings to Bachelor Ben and his lovely ladies.  

DSS should probably come and take Jane for me subjecting her to this kind of television, but I take it as a learning opportunity and tell her things like "Janey, you do not need to measure your worth by a man," "Janey, rather than tear down other women, let's try to build them up,"  and finally, "Janey, if Mommy knows you are accepting a key to anything called a fantasy suite you better believe I will be on the next plane there to drag you from that den of sin!"

After wrapping up two hours of dates and rose ceremonies, I then quickly turn to my favorite network, Bravo, to watch the drama of Beverly Hills unfold.  I imagine tonight's finale will be incredibly sad as the ladies talk about the passing of Russell, Taylor's husband.  It has been very interesting to see how they have treated that very sensitive subject this season.  I hope for her that after this episode airs, she can find some closure in this chapter of her life.  I also think this episode will be filled with joy as a result of Pandora's nuptials.  I am sure that Lisa will stop at nothing to make it the grandest celebration in all of Beverly Hills.  

Will you be watching either of these guilty pleasures?  What's your guiltiest of television pleasures?


  1. Oh girly you KNOW I will be tuned into BOTH as well! Heehee! I have been dying for Pandoras fabulous pink wedding all season! :) Definitely a guilty pleasure but ah, I just can't help myself! LOL xoxo

    Hope you're feeling great~ love you! Big kiss to Jane!

  2. I love RHOBH - so good! Don't you think that the brunette whose name starts with a K (blanking on her name....) looks like Demi Moore?

  3. I can't watch The Bachelor anymore. Although every time a new season premieres I'm reminded a lot more to thank the good Lord that I'm no longer single.

    My fave tv guilty pleasures as of late are Downton Abbey (obsessed), Revenge, and the new season of Justified.

  4. I am right there with you watching the Bachelor! I adore Ben but I agree none of the girls this season are that great though I do like Kaci from Tennessee .

  5. LOL - We're watching the Bachelor over here too!



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