Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Six Month Birthday Sweet Baby Jane

Dearest Jane,

On November 21, 2011, as I held you in my arms for the very first time, I knew I had never loved anything so instantaneously and so completely.  Tonight, exactly six months later, as I held you in my arms before you drifted off to dreamland, I know in my heart that I love you more today than ever before.  And I will love you tomorrow more than I did today.

Six months ago, when I looked down at you, I slipped my finger in your tightly clenched hand and imagined all of the moments that you and I would spend together, hand and hand.  Tonight, as I held your bottle, you looked up at me and reached up and purposefully wrapped your chubby little fingers around mine.  And my heart melted.

You are my sweet, precious baby girl.  I wake up every day looking forward to the moment when I see your little face and hold you close to me.  I cannot wait to kiss your cheeks and blow bubbles on your tummy.  I live to see you smile and hear you laugh.

Jane, you have made these last six months the greatest time in mommy and daddy's lives.  We have never been happier than we have been with you here in our family.  Thank you for being the amazing person you are!








May 21, 2012 - six month birthday "rice cereal cake"
Jane had her first bite of real food on her six month birthday.  We served it in her fancy baby china and even lit a candle and sang the birthday song.

She didn't exactly love rice cereal...

But she loved eating like a big girl!


  1. Gracious, that precious thing is adorable. I just love her perfect rosy cheeks. Happy 6 months to sweet baby Jane!

  2. I love all the pictures! She is such a beautiful baby. My favorite is the one of her and Mark looking at each other though. What a sweet photo. I can't believe she is 6 months already!!

  3. She is SO cute! I love that last photo. It made me laugh. Love hungry babies!

  4. Awww happy 6 months to your little girl!

  5. 6 months?! Is that possible? She is beautiful as ever! XO

  6. Jen, she's so pink and darling and gorgeous!
    Wish I was in town this weekend to babysit and pinch those huge cheeks!
    Have a great long weekend xoitb

  7. I love her! What a little sweetie. I also, can't believe Jane is 6 months old already. Her and her new little cousin are going to have the best of times during family get togethers.



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