Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays - Weight Watchers Cookies and Cream Milkshake

I have the sweetest sweet tooth in the world.  That makes dieting a little tricky.  I am always looking for low-cal/full flavor ways to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Pinterest can be a wonderful resource when you need a recipe idea that meets these criteria.  I have made "frozen banana" ice cream which is AMAZING!!!  I am going to try making dried strawberries this weekend.  I am also highly excited about a weight watcher recipe I found on Pinterest for a Cookies and Cream Milkshake.  I LOVE cookies and cream ice cream, and the closet thing I can find to it that's diet friendly is Skinny Cow bars.  I thought this milkshake would "shake up" our light and tasty sweet treat recipe list.  

For you point counters, 3/4 cup is 4 points!  Not too bad!!

Cookies and Cream Milkshakes


  1. I am WW too and have been dreaming of ways to invent a mint cookie shake so thanks for this yummy recipe. Have you tried with their shake mixes yet? Our leader suggested that.

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. While probably not as good as the sip of Sanders' real Chick-fil-A cookies and cream milkshake I had today, that does look pretty good.

    I miss you! Give Jane Bird a kiss from me!!

  3. That sounds wonderful.

    Happy Mother'S Day!!

  4. I am doing WW so I am definitely going to have to give this a try! xo



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