Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trendy Wednesday: In the Navy

A few weeks back New Orleans celebrated New Orleans Navy Week 2012.  It has been close to two years since we left the Navy and Beaufort, SC to return home, and I miss seeing men and women in uniform every day.  Seeing them enjoying my home town was for the week was so exciting.  Part of the celebration included a few "tall ships" being docked along the Mississippi River.  The final Saturday of Navy Week, Mark and I took Jane down to the Quarter to see the tall ships up close.  They were incredible to see in person.  

I was just looking back through our Navy Week photos, and I couldn't help but think about how much navy I added to my wardrobe this spring, like this first dress...  I've added a few other items that I am coveting heading into summer.

This dress is so comfy and incredibly flattering!

The scalloped pattern is so feminine, and the dress would be perfect for a summer soiree!

I snagged this incredible dress today!  It is precious and so well priced.

This top over white skinny jeans would be fabulous!!

If only my legs looked like this in shorts...  I'd certainly add these to my shopping cart.

I feel like cute navy shoes can be hard to come by, but this spring they are abundant.  These happen to be my very favorite!

This belt would be a huge splurge, but it is such a classic look that it would last forever!

I love a good cuff.  This one is the perfect accessory to any navy-inspired outfit.

Here are Jane and Mark by the tall ships.  She loved showing off her sailor dress while Daddy sported his Navy sweatshirt.


  1. Those shoes stopped me in my tracks!! Love them!!
    And your Jane is beyond darling.

  2. that little one looks too cute in her sailor gear!

  3. I noticed the other day when going through my closet that I, too, have a lot of navy in my closet these days! I got a cute linen dress from Target that is super comfy and flattering as well as a navy maxi dress from Old Navy... and a few other navy items that are more for work.

    I say Navy is the new black! :)

    Jane certainly is growing up fast!



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