Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nightmare on Tchoupitoulas Street

Even though it's only August, Mardi Gras has been on my mind recently. I paid my final dues installment for the Krewe of Muses (I am of course biased, but it's the best darn parade!) a few weeks ago, and we got word that our throws order form should be arriving shortly. Not only that, but Jon Rivers featured Blaine Kern (the man who makes Mardi Gras) last night on her show How'd Ya Get So Rich. It made me so excited to be a part of such a great Krewe and to know that I'll be riding in the 10th anniversary parade!!!!!!! I am so excited today that I even called Commanders Palace this morning to book our annual Friday before Mardi Gras luncheon reservation. Unfortunately, they can't take one until the end of August, but I tried!

I have had several Muses nightmares this summer. They started in June and have been reappearing every so often since then. There was the time I forgot it was the day of the parade and had to be dropped off at the float right as we started rolling only to realize my beads were on a different float. There was the time that I dreamed we were decorating watermelons instead of shoes. Everybody had the most elaborate watermelons and because the Krewe forgot my order, I had to hand out plain green rotten ones. And also once when I realized my friend Sarah (my best riding buddy who is not riding this year and has our friend Jen as her sub) was actually riding, but she didn't want to be on my float so she lied and told me she was subbing. I spent the whole parade crying. What a nightmare!

Well, last night it happened again! This time, our flight got delayed so I was unable to load my extra throws myself. My dad volunteered to help do it for me. Thanks dream dad! The only thing is that when I got to the float, I realized that my dad had accidentally unloaded his groceries from his trunk instead of my beads. So I was sitting among bags of produce (specifically cauliflower from what I remember) and $1,400 of plastic and glitter coated shoes were sitting in his trunk. That was enough to jolt me out of my slumber!

I don't know what all these dreams mean. This will be my fifth ride, and I have never had them. Maybe it just means that the 10th anniversary parade will be so special, it'll be all I think about. If that's the case, February seems even further away! The good news is, I'll be decorating shoes and not watermelons, and my dad most certainly knows the difference between broccoli and beads. And I know for sure I'd never forget what day the parade is - February 11th. It's been on my calendar since last year!

I believe to put my mind at ease, I might just decorate a show or two this weekend! Glitter glitter everywhere!

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