Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trendy Wednesday - Riding Boots

From the very first episode of Mad Men, I have envied the style of the women from the late 50s and early 60s. Betty Draper (the wife of the lead character Don Draper) is the epitome of fashion perfection. Although I love her beautiful gowns, and adorable day dresses, it is her outfits she wears when she is horseback riding that I find most elegant. I love the fitted blouse she wears neatly under a perfectly made grey plaid blazer. Her riding pants are tapered in just such a way that they fit just right tucked into her beautiful black riding boots. Perhaps it is my obsession with this show that I have taken on a new obsession - finding the perfect black riding boots. Of course, I have no intention on actually wearing them to ride horses. To be quite honest, horses kind of scare me. When I am around them, I have a constant fear that they will get spooked and run me over. No, my interest in these boots is purely superficial.

I have had a hard time finding just the right pair. That's not entirely true, I have found several pairs that I absolutely love, but I might be required to sell a kidney in order to buy them. Burberry, Ralph Lauren, BCBG, and Frye all have boots that are elegant, not too trendy, and tapered at the ankle (no cankles for me, please). However, none of them are under $450. So they're all out. I have run a million searches from, to, to all in search of the perfect black boot. I think I might have finally found the answer. Thoughts??

These are the BCBG ones I really want...

These are the Steven by Steve Madden ones I might actually get...

It's amazing when a tv show has the ability to move from following trends to being the place we go to see trends start. Sex and the City did it, and I think Mad Men is doing it now. And I have to say as much as I like Carrie Bradshaw, I think I'll have an easier time pulling off Betty Draper.


  1. Love them! She would definitely be easier to pull off than Carrie Bradshaw -- especially around Beaufort!

  2. i can definitely see you in the bcbg pair. yeaaa im excited boot season is almost here!



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