Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trendy Wednesday - The Snuggie

So I know you've all seen the Snuggie infomercials. You know, the blanket that has arms and keeps you warm while you read a book, change the channel via remote, or tailgate. This product has one of the funniest infomercials of all time! Perhaps that's why I know several people who have given them as "gag" gifts. I say "gag" in quotes because everybody always says there a gag gift, but secretly both parties involved really want one. I mean who doesn't want to be snug as a bug in a run while lying in bed with all of your actual blankets surrounding you. There's something very American about creating a product in a new-fangled way that serves the same purpose as things we already own. My brother-in-law gave snuggies to all of the usher's in his wedding. I could see the look of envy on Mark's face when they opened their gifts. He had to have one, but should he dare admit it? If you buy one for yourself, how do you claim that owning one is just a joke?

Well, as of Monday night Mark has become the proud owner of a Snuggie! I surprised him with a very fancy Saints version. I saw the link for the Saints Snuggie on one of my favorite daily internet pit stops Here you can learn about what linebacker will make it through the September 5th cuts, what player we should have picked up off of waivers, whether or not Brett Favre should still be playing football. All very important things, but none really appropriate for Wednesday's style section of this blog. But every once in a while, you can come across a hidden gem. A post buried in the depths of football x's and o's that includes a link to a great piece of Saints merchandise history. Last year it was the Saints DirectTV remote (a stocking stuffer of mine last year). I have a feeling this year it will be the Saints Snuggie - even if one reader wrote "what are you, too lazy to turn your around?" Anybody who could write that about such an amazing example of American innovation surely must be a Falcon's fan. And they don't count anyway.

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  1. LOL--What a PERFECT gift for Mark! I look forward to pictures of him tailgating with it on!



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