Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tasty Tuesdays - room service

I'm posting from my phone at the mansion on forsyth park! How lavish. Mark had a drug rep dinner and they paid for his room, so I took the opportunity to come along and stay in this beautiful hotel. I have ordered room service and a girlie movie and settled in for the night. It got me thinking about my nannying days. I worked for a family as their traveling nanny and would often stay at these amazing places with the most glamorous room service menus. I remember feeling so grown up ordering from those menus. I don't know what it was. It just seemed like something fancy people did in movies. The best room service meal I ever had was at the Bacara Hotel in Santa Barbara. It was the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in. Everything about it was more amazing than the next. One night when I was hanging out in the room, I ordered a risotto with smoked tomatoes and mushrooms. It was the first time I had ever eaten risotto and it couldn't have been more perfect. Cramy and firm but not undercooked. Seasoned well and the smoked tomatoes and mushrooms were amazing with the tanginess of the parmesan sprinkled on top. Mmm... I can almost taste it. I have tried many times to recreate the perfect risotto. And try as I may, mine is never quite as wonderful. Tomorrow when I get to a computer, I'll post one of my favorite risotto recipes. It might not be the bacara's but it sure is pretty yummy!

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