Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday: Cute As a Button

First, make sure you enter my giveaway, hosted by Candy Shop Vintage, so you can win this fabulous necklace.  Isn't this shop just "cute as a button?!"

Do you use that expression?  I find myself using it all the time.  Our dog Beignet is as cute as a button.  A baby girl in a ruffly bathing suit is as cute as a button.  I could go on!  Sometimes I use expressions without ever really knowing what they mean and where they originated. I mean, really, a button?  I wouldn't ordinarily describe a button as cute.  Which makes me wonder - how'd this phrase come about??

Well, I found two varying opinions on the matter. 
The first says, "The origin of the phrase “cute as a button”…actually has nothing to do with a button as in a button on a shirt. The button quail is a very small gray super, super fluffy squishy looking (or ‘cute’ if you will) bird. People used to say “cute as a button”, meaning “cute as a button quail” b/c the bird was considered so adorable."

The second is that "“Bright as a button” was a popular phrase for a long time and could refer to personality or intelligence. “Cute” originally came from “acute” and meant “shrewd, clever, sharp”.  Shiny buttons produced “bright as a button”. “Bright” meaning “clever” was synonymous with “cute” so “cute as a button” appeared but the shininess was lost. The modern meaning of “cute” is very different from the original so “cute as a button.”"

I'm not sure which one I prefer to believe, all I know is that in this case (as proven by the pictures below), buttons are pretty darn cute, in the modern sense of the word...

What's your favorite common phrase to use???

Head on over to Trish's blog here and play along with her on this Pink and Green Thursday!


  1. That's so interesting! I had no idea about cute-acute-clever...! Thanks!

  2. How cute are those bobby-pins!! My mini-me would probably love those!
    Have a great day sweetie!

  3. Oh my goodness- I love this post! I am actually making those short bread button cookies for my a bridal shower I am hosting in two weeks! So cute! I will post pics of the shower afterwards.

  4. YOU are cute as a button! I love the button bouquets - adorable!

  5. Loved reading the background on the phrase! And I love this post! It's definitely cute as a button...literally!

  6. Aw, buttons are so charming! Love the vase filled with button blooms!
    Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes!
    Happy Pink and Green Thursday!
    gi gi

  7. Can't think of a phrase at the moment but from one southern blogger to another,hello! And we even have similar e-mail addys! Mine is nolagurl at gmail. :P

  8. The idea for this post is "cute as a button." hahaha I know, I'm so clever. ;) Seriously, you found some really great images this week! I am at a blogger's block smack in the middle of my P&G post...trying to finish it up's not nearly as cute as yours. =) Have a great weekend, darling!



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