Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trendy Wednesday - Favorite Finds at Room and Board

This weekend, my sister-in-law took me to the Room and Board showroom in Edina.  It was like taking a kid to Disneyworld for the first time!!!  Except, instead of pretending I lived in Cinderella's castle, I was pretending I lived on the second floor of the showroom, in the Reese section to be exact. 

And while I'm pretending, I might as well make believe that I could afford to stock our new address in New Orleans full of Room and Board living room items.  I could have taken you through the dining and bedrooms of my pretend world, but the madness has to stop somewhere, right?  So here goes...

I love the retro feel of this sofa.  The maize color is softer in person than it appears here.  It's almost buttery, I'd say.  It really warms up a space!

The Clark sofa has such great lines, and the color it is stocked in (shown here) is a beautiful deep navy with grey undertones.  It pairs very nicely with the leather in the Reese chair below!

We currently have a sectional, and I love it.  It allows both Mark and me to lounge in the same space, and it is also great for entertaining since it seats a large number of guests comfortably. 

This version of the Reese is as stylish as the one above, but it is certainly more practical for smaller spaces.

Swoon!!!  I am so in love with this chair.  It is absolutely stunning in person, and the color of that leather is GORGEOUS!!!

I think the quirky fabric of this chair pairs perfectly with its design.  It has a very Don Draper feel to it!
I love the shape of this table.  It adds a softness to the space it is in.

I think this end table makes such an elegant statement. A martini would look just perfect resting on it.

You can't quite tell from the pictures, but this rug has so much dimension to it.  And the fact that it looks like a cable knit sweater adds a lot of warmth to a room.

I love how this lamp looks in a room!  It draws your eye up and would be perfect in a loft or a room with high ceilings. 
A view of it in a space.  Doesn't it really fill the room nicely?!

These light fixtures are just my favorite.  They are soft and feminine and so intriguing to me.  I'd hang one in every room if I could!

So there you have it.  I hope you have enjoyed playing make believe with me!! 


  1. The modern look isn't really my style but I love that Reese sectional!!!! I think it would look just fine in my living room!!! :D

  2. OMG...Nola Girl, I go to that store ALL the time! My house is mainly Room & Board. Love it! Love all the things you love, too! In fact, I purchased all my new downstairs furniture at that gem of a place.

    I bought that chair in the "chain rug" photo only I picked out a different fabric. So comfortable! So chic!

    I also have one of those Nelson pendants hanging above the desk in my office.

    It simply is one of the best stores on the planet. My "happy place!"

  3. We love their furniture as well. We have a sofa picked out from there but still trying to make do with the one we have. Our guest room has furniture from there and its sad that its going to have to go into storage to make room for baby. Too bad they don't make baby furniture! Though, pretty sure it would cost an arm and leg for the little ones!

  4. So many pretty things! Makes me wish I didn't live in a fourth floor walk up studio in NYC!

  5. WOW, cool items!

    I have never heard of that store before.

    Gotta love the deep South.....blah:)

  6. Those are definitely very sleek!! I love those pendant lamps!!!

  7. my kitchen chairs in my very first apartment came from room & board -- love that store!
    my mother and i bought them in chicago on michigan ave., then could not find a cab to take us to my apt with them. so we CARRIED them all the way back to my place! we'll both never forget that -- but i do love those chairs! (they're in my basement now....)

  8. I loved the Clark Sofa and Chain Rugs! Thank you for sharing these with us!

  9. I love the Anson sofa -- what a lovely color! I hope that you had a lovely time at the Swing for Sophia event; the family that I nanny for attended and said that it was amazing.
    xo Josie

  10. I love the Reese leather chair!! Gorgeous.



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