Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday: My Dearest Bumpkin

You may have already heard the sad news that we lost our dearest Lisa from Bumpkin on a Swing to a very aggressive form of ovarian cancer.  I have been at a loss of words for days now.  How do you begin to describe a world without Lisa in it?  Whether her post was a fashion photo frenzy or a plea for help for the Gulf Coast wildlife, I always knew I could count on Lisa to start my day with a passionate look into today's world.  Her voice was so clearly present in her blog, even on Wednesdays when she was wordless.  Without a single line of text, I felt her telling me a story through the images she so proudly collected.

Lisa and I had planned many an outing when I returned home to the Coast this fall.  We were going to stroll down Magazine Street browsing through the latest trends.  We were going to have brunch and sip cocktails in a courtyard.  We were going to host a supper club.  A Gulf Coast style supper club.  One with laughter that's too loud and food that's too rich.  Because along the shores of the Coast, we only know one way to live - passionately.  Lisa, my Gulf Coast girl, your passion for life will live on in all of us. 

I already miss you my dear friend.  But each and every time I see a swing, I will be reminded of your carefree spirit, your humor, and your friendship. 

From your swing in Heaven, keep us safe.  I know that every breeze that blows a pelican or bird to safety and every wave that sends a turtle or dolphin swimming in a better direction is your work. 


  1. I was SHOCKED when I had read that she has passed. How heart breaking. My heart goes out to her family and friends...

    What a wonderful tribute to her, though... She will definitely be missed by many...

  2. Beautiful pictures...and swings will always remind me of dear Bumpkin!

  3. Such a sweet post...very thoughtful and touching. Sorry for your loss.

  4. I too, was shocked. She will be missed indeed.

  5. Oh what a lovely tribute my dear...
    ....She will surely be missed.... many hearts............
    ......May yours be soothed.......
    .........with the salve...........
    .....of wonder filled memories.....
    ........a gentle embrace..........
    ......and a peck on the cheek...... Rosie............

  6. What a beautiful tribute....I was just getting to know her and now I feel like I know her better

  7. You found the perfect words and photos to describe Lisa to a tee. She will be missed by so many - her passion and vigor for life that was impossible to miss in each and every post and comment. Sending big hugs to you!

  8. Beautiful. She and I talked about getting together as well... whether here in Nola or over in Ocean Springs. So sad we never saw that day.

  9. I was shocked and deeply saddened by Lisa's passing. It was an honor to get to be her friend, if only in the blogging world.

    I am so sorry for your loss. May you find comfort in your memories of Bumpkin.

    Beautiful tribute.

  10. So very sweet. I miss dear Lisa. That last photo is perfection.

  11. So sorry for your loss!! Recently losing a loved one to cancer, I can relate---though I thought 5 months was TOO fast--so under 3 weeks seems just unbelievable to accept!!!

    Your tribute was beautiful---and I will keep you in my thoughts as I'm sure the next few days, weeks, months will be difficult.

    Stay (as) strong (as possible)---but do not for ONE SECOND feel guilty about the weak moments that will come your way. Losing ANYONE is painful--but losing someone so quickly really leaves the body in shock.......

  12. I still can't believe it. What are we going to do without her????

  13. Hey there, this is a beautiful post. I was with Lisa's Captain and BFF Trish last night in Ocean Springs. We sat in her famous swing, and celebrated her life. It was sad to know she's no longer with us, but I am comforted knowing she is no longer suffering. Lisa was blessed to have such wonderful friends like you and Trish, and she loved you! Hang in there Jen, big hugs to you. The world is a little smaller without our Lisa. XOXO

  14. These swing photos are absolutely stunning -- perfectly suited for this lovely tribute. My contact with Lisa was certainly not extensive, but she was such a sweet woman and had such a beautiful soul.
    xo Josie

  15. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts about Lisa.. She was my aunt, and my best friend. Things will never be the same but im so thankful to have her blog to be able to go back and read.
    Thank you all so much,

  16. This is beautiful. To you and Heather, I'm so sorry for your loss; it is much harder for those of you who actually had a face-to-face relationship with our Bumpkin.
    I did a post for her yesterday.
    I'm following along, as our Lisa would've wanted us all to keep these connections going. Plus, I feel the need to connect with other Lisa/Bumpkin lovers.

  17. A beautiful tribute to our lovely girlfriend. xx's

  18. This is a sweet, moving and touching tribute to Lisa. It is sad to see her gone from our lives all too soon. She would have loved your tribute - the photos, the sentiment, everything. My hubby's family is from the are and I was so hoping to get to meet this wonderful woman in person soon. Now I will just swing a little when we go visit and think of her.
    504 Main



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