Monday, February 28, 2011

Krewe of Muses - If a Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Than this video says it all!!!  It's a short documentary all about Muses.  It truly encapsulates everything that is special about our Krewe.  And if you watch closely, you'll get to see me make my big screen (well, youtube) debut.  I am the Muse who introduces the float titled "The Guy Who Loves Me" based on the dirty deeds of Senator Larry Craig.

I hope this helps explain just why it is that all I've been talking about is our parade!!  Just a few more days!

What did you think?  Pretty special, right!


  1. Tomorrow's the big day!!! I would give anything to be there, sweet lady :) Can't wait to see you NEXT weekend!!!

  2. That was awesome!!! You looked fab! Can't wait to hear and see it all go down tomorrow!

  3. You are a STAR! Oh how I wish I were in NOLA celebrating with you!



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