Monday, February 21, 2011

Mark's Birthday at His Parade's Den Party

Doesn't this photo just capture the spirit of Mardi Gras?!  We got to celebrate Mark's birthday at the den parties for his parade and mine.  A den is where a parade's floats are housed when they are in use during the parade.  The den party is the first time the riders get to view their floats for the year. I may have mentioned in past years that each year a parade chooses a theme for their parade and each float has a title that corresponds to the theme.  Many, like ours, keep these themes a secret until the day of the ride.  It adds to the mystery of carnival!

This float was just beautiful!  I love how the horses appear to be climbing into the heavens...

Mark's parade's floats are so colorful.  They really are works of art!

The Roman Candy man made an appearance at Mark's den party!  So did the Lucky Dog man.  It was truly a New Orleans birthday!

This is Mark's first year riding, and I love seeing how excited he is.  There is absolutely nothing as special as your very first ride.  It's something you imagine your whole life, and that moment when your float turns on to St. Charles Ave from Napoleon and you see rows of people for miles...  it all becomes real.  I can't wait to be in that crowd and shout to Mark, "throw me something, mister!!"

After Mark's float viewing, we went to mine.  The first float we spotted was the signature fiber optic red high heel!  Can you say fabulous?!?!

Mark and my dad helped get my spot in working order.  I like to have a good idea of where I can hang up all of my beads!!  Although no matter how much you try, you're never really organized!

 But I'm going to try!  We added a lot of extra hooks, and we added three small buckets.  This will give me a place to store my light up rings, light up hair clips, and rhinestone bracelets!



  1. I love the shots of both floats.

  2. jen- so excited for muses! we will be around st. charles and marengo- hope to see you!! Katie

  3. My sign is made! throw me something!!!!! The countdown is on!!!

  4. How freaking fun! Love the high heel!

  5. Jen - the buckets are such a great idea. When I use to ride in Tucks, all my stuff would get so lost and end up on the floor of my spot covered in beer and tossed at Canal not as I needed it for kids.

    Have you announced your float number yet?

  6. The floats are terrific! Can't wait to see pictures from the parade!

  7. Oh I LOVE IT!!!! I sooo miss Mardi Gras. I use to work at the Copeland's on St. Charles and Napoleon and it was my most favorite cause we got the best spot for all the floats that rolled by! I wish I was in NOLA this year to have you throw me something!!! I hope you and mark have the best rides ever!

  8. Great pictures of the floats! And I love the picture of Mark standing in front of one -- he looks like a little kid on Christmas! So fun!

  9. Is Mark riding in Orpheus? I rode in Orpheus one year as a guest rider, it was so much fun! When we move down there my husband and I both hope to be able to join a Krewe!



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