Monday, June 13, 2011

Be My Guest

In the July 2011 issue of In Style, there is a feature titled "Your Houseguests will Love You!"  I don't know about you, but one of my very favorite things is getting our guest room ready for some much anticipated company.  This article had nine amazing tips to setting up the perfect guestroom.

1. Spring for Great Bedding
Look for high quality linens and add a cozy throw near the footboard or on a chair.
I love these cable-knit throws from Pottery Barn.  They make me want to cuddle up with a good book.

2. Leave a Sweet Treat:
I love to shop local and surprise our guests with something that they couldn't get anywhere but right here in New Orleans.  
The New Orleans Collection chocolate box from Sucre is the perfect alternative to a mint on your guest's pillow.

3. Lay Out a Luxe Robe:
I had never really thought about this, but as In Style says, your guests usually doesn't think to pack one.  Why not lay a freshly laundered robe out for their use during their stay.
In Style recommended this organic Khadi robe by Coyuchi

4. Find a Photo:
Dig up a photo of you and your guest from your childhood or from a special moment like your wedding.
This picture from our recruitment retreat would be a perfect one to put if one of my pledge sisters came to visit.  

5. Lead Them to Water
To avoid having your guest find their way to your kitchen in the dark, place a carafe near the bed for them.
I love this carafe and glass set from Design within Reach.

6. Let There Be Light
Provide your guest with a lamp so that they can catch up on their summer reading.
I think this Bungalow 5 Alexandra lamp from New Orleans' own home interiors shop Perch would add such a statement to a guest room side table.

7. Spread the News
Lay out a variety of magazines for your guest to peruse through.  If you know your guest favors a certain author, find their most recent paperback to add to your nightstand.
If your city has a publication, that would be a great way to introduce your guests to everything there is to see on their stay.  For me, New Orleans Magazine would be a great choice.

8. Order Cafe Service
I think everyone loves a quiet morning moment with the newspaper and a cup of coffee, so try adding a single cup coffee maker in your guest room.
We love our Keurig, and this mini version looks like a great choice for your guests!

9. Try It Out
Take a little trip of your own and spend the night in your guest room.  After your visit, you'll know just what extra touches you need to make your guests have the perfect experience in their home away from home.

Do you have anything that you do to get your guest room ready?  


  1. Great tips! My favorite is #4. Love that idea!

    Cute photo pose too--reminded me of the original 90210. :)

  2. You are such a great host! I can't wait to move because for the first time ever, I will finally have a 2nd bedroom. It is more of a den so I will probably only have a pull-out couch in there, but it's something.

    I am actually not the best host - but the onlhy people who have stayed with me are my parents, pretty much. So I just make sure I have coffee and something to fix for breakfast. I will get better at this now that I have room to host people!

    I am good about bringing a gift for the person who hosts me, though! :) Usually something from Anthro. :)

  3. I love all of that!!!! Finding a photo is such a good idea!

  4. FUN! I always make sure the bathroom is stocked with a hair dryer and tons of soaps, shampoons, razors, etc.
    I always forget you were a DG!

  5. Good Morning Sweetie! I love the fact you mentioned water by the bed!! I can't go to sleep if I don't have a glass by mine.

    Love ya!

  6. I always make a little basket for them with evian spray, tylenol, some beads, a hubig's pie, some zapps, tabasco, and usually one or two postcards so they have a little something to take home from New Orleans that they normally wouldn't have though of. I usually pair that with New Orleans magazine. Sometimes, if they have never been to new orleans before (which is rare in my case) I will also get them a map and a list of some of my favorite places to visit. :)

    I also keep a basket with travel size toiletries for them with a rolled up towel and washcloth so they have that as well so they can take a shower without feeling like they need to "ask" for anything... to make them feel at home.

  7. I put foldable luggage racks at the end of the bed and that always elicits a compliment!

  8. What great ideas. I usually make sure I have a lot of extra bathroom essentials like soap and shampoo on hand but now that our guest room has turned into E's room I no longer have a guest room.

  9. A personal coffee maker, chocolates, nice linens? I'm pretty sure I'd never move back to my own room and just sleep in the guest room...



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