Friday, June 17, 2011

Prenatal Yoga at Wild Lotus

Last night I took my first step into the world of prenatal yoga at Wild Lotus yoga studio. I had no expectations going into the class and just hoped that it would be another alternative to my exercise options. So far, I have enjoyed walking three miles a couple of times a week from our house and once around Audubon Park and back home. I have been going to pilates over lunch and occasionally trying a more intense workout at Body Pump classes. I thought yoga would be a nice addition to the mix.

Well, let me say that it was the best and most relaxing hour and a half I have spent to myself in ages. We began class by introducing ourselves and stating how far along we were, our doctor’s names, and if we had any aches or pains this week. One of the other students announced that her doctor was my husband and I was so proud!

We then began the class by releasing the stress of our day from our bodies, and our teacher worked with us on focusing on our breathing techniques. She had us place both hands on our bellies and instructed us to fill our abdomen with air on our inhale and hug our baby in on our exhale. This may sound very silly, but at 18 weeks I have yet to “feel” pregnant. I don’t really have a firm bump yet, just kind of an expanded muffin top, and I haven’t felt the baby move. And while we have been reading books and planning the nursery, it all seems a bit surreal. Our teacher emphasized connecting our breath to our baby’s breath and focusing on our heartbeat being the sound our baby’s hear. It was truly the most connected I have felt to the baby so far. Throughout the class, our teacher would point out which positions were particularly important for strengthening our abdomens and our pelvic floors for labor. We spent considerable time stretching our hips and stomachs to create space for the baby. And finally, we spent about two minutes with our feet extended overhead pressed firmly against a wall of the studio to assist in the relief of the swelling in our feet and ankles. We ended our class by placing one hand over our heart and one on our baby with our eyes closed and our teach saying the words “let your breath be your baby’s breath.” What a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I cannot wait to go back next week!

Have any of you tried yoga or prenatal yoga? Do you find it helps you become more in tuned with your body or your baby?


  1. Wild Lotus was easily one of the best yoga studios I've ever used. I still get their e-mails and wish I could go drop in on a class. Alas, I'm stuck in NY for the next 3 years, at least.

  2. Congrats on your first class! I'm so glad you liked it! My first experience ever with yoga was at a prenantal class when I was pregnant with my first 5 years ago. I cannot tell you how much the whole experience helped connect me with the baby (especially when you do not know the gender, it is so welcome to take the opportunity to feel the connection with the person growing inside of you). the breathing and relaxation techniques were so helpful and I called upon them often during labor and delivery. Enjoy this journey!

  3. What a neat experience for you and your baby. I really wish I would have done a prenatal yoga class. This sounds like a wonderful experience. I did zumba until I was 36 weeks along and did a lot of walking as well. Swimming is to be helpful esp when you enter the uncomfortable stage.

  4. I definitely want to try prenatal yoga the next time I have a baby on board!



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