Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mmmmm... I Spotted Something Tasty

I was going through blogger this afternoon and I came across a fabulous post at A Wedding Story introducing me to a food and recipe website that I had not heard of before called Taste Spotting.  I don't know about you, but I am a very visual person.  If I read a recipe, but I don't see a picture, I am less likely to choose it than if it was accompanied by a photo.  Well, Taste Spotting ensures that every recipe has a picture of the finished product.  In fact, that's the premise of the site.  You are able to view images of delectable looking menu items and then click on the image to be directed to the blog where the image and recipe were originally posted.  Genious!  Here are a few pictures that I found intriguing that led me to some amazingly wonderful blogs...

Gluten Free Cinnamon and Sugar Popovers by Minimally Invasive

Chicken Chili Verde by Sweet Savory Planet

Bacon Lover's Mac and Cheese by Annie Eats

Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms by The Sweets Life

Pine Nut Rosemary Ice Cream by Pastry Studio

Did you know about Taste Spotting?  If not, what new recipes are you interested in finding?


  1. Love Taste Spotting! Another similar site (with pix & recipes attached) to peruse is Foodgawker

    What i love about both of these spaces is that they both have phone apps and the images/recipes are uploaded be fellow foodies. Pretty awesome idea!

    Incidentally, Annie's Eats is one of my fave foodie blogs! I rarely dislike anything she posts.

    I'm a new follower-just wanted to say how much i'm enjoying your posts & tremendous Congrats on becoming a Mommy-to-be :)

  2. the puffs look so good, humm no muffin pan but I do have a heart muffin pan LOL

  3. Hi there! Love the site and the gorgeous inspiration you post. As a fellow lifelong Saints fan, I just had to comment and say thanks for link!

    Amy (Minimally Invasive)

  4. i love this site! thank you!!!



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